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ConversationswitCoyfee presents A Tragedy:Marijuana Found at Michael Jackson’s Home

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Hello Folks..I have family and I moved out of the state..So I pray all has been well with everyone..

I am truly not suprised that illegal drugs were found..I am however disappointed that his family was not able to intervene to save him..

Coyfee signing off…


Marijuana Found at Michael Jackson’s Home

By Howard Breuer

Originally posted Thursday August 27, 2009 07:20 PM EDT

Michael Jackson Photo by: Carlo Allegri / Getty
Marijuana Found at Michael Jackson's Home | Michael Jackson

Marijuana and numerous empty drug bottles were found by police officers at Michael Jackson’s home shortly after he died, according to search warrants unsealed on Thursday.

Two bags of marijuana, a bottle of temazepam (used to treat sleeplessness), empty bottles of the sedatives lorzaepam and diazepam were discovered during the search. They also found four other empty pill bottles with no indication as to what may have been in them.

Detectives were concerned that, when Jackson died, he had “received injection of an unknown medication, prior to his death,” the warrants say. Other documents revealed that Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, had been giving the singer the anesthetic propofol intravenously.

The search warrants were served on June 29, four days after the singer was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center, where Murray was less than forthcoming. Murray, according to documents, left the hospital “against the objections of the investigating officers” and they were not able to talk with him in the days that followed.

The warrant also says that, on the day of Jackson’s death, as investigators were at the house, “family members of the decedent notified Los Angeles County Coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter that they had located a quantity of tar heroin in [Jackson’s] bedroom on the second floor of the residence. Winter notified LAPD detectives of the found evidence.” There is no mention in the warrant if the evidence really turned out to be heroin.

Winter told PEOPLE on Thursday that he cannot discuss the evidence or say when the results of Jackson’s autopsy will be revealed.


ConversationswitCoyfee presents A Sista-2-Sista Discussion: Is There Anything Wrong With Being a Stripper?

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Well folks, here’s the discussion for the week. What’s your opinion on the below topic? Talk2Me…

Coyfee signing off….

OPINION: Is There Anything Wrong With Being a Stripper?

By RK Byers August 5, 2009 4:24 pm



So I’m reading Memoirs of a Geisha and all of a sudden I start thinking, “Gee, if it wasn’t for the tea ceremonies, these chicks would all be…”

I mean, Geishas auction off their virginity to the highest bidder and their main goal is to become the kept woman or mistress of a wealthy danna-or male benefactor. And yet, Geishas are treated with the utmost respect (or so I’ve read) in Japan and they definitely get big props here in the United States.

So, like I said, I started thinking. I wondered what would be the equivalent of a Geisha here in America. Bypassing the obvious, I settled on “stripper”.

Now, I’ve noticed that the reaction on the mentioning of strippers varies from race to race. If you mention strippers around white people, there’s almost always a giddy excitement among the men and a borderline envy of the physical requirements among the women. But if you mention strippers around Black people, the reaction swings between the extremes of lurid enthusiasm and outright contempt-among both sexes.

I wonder why that is.

Chris Rock is one of the top two or three comedians of all-time and when he joked that his sole responsibility as the father of a daughter was to “keep her off the pole” there was so much I KNOW that’s right! laughter going on in the place that you would have sworn that the pole was the worst thing that could happen to a young woman. It was like “crackhead”, “convict” and “ho on a stroll” had never even occurred to the audience as alternatives.

And props to the young Black stripper that came up with the excuse (or explanation) that she was only stripping to pay for school-being in school is to most older Black people more important than the results of schooling. This suggestion had the same paradoxical effect on the Black psyche as the idea of a “holy war”.

Personally, I never liked strip clubs that much because the thought of going to one always struck me as being similar to starving and going to a restaurant with pockets full of cash, then paying just to smell the food.

But I could be wrong. What do you think?


ConversationswitCoyfee presents A Discussion on Sista-2-Sista

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Sista-2-Sista discusses Females In the Pornography Industry

Well folks here is our new discussion.  Females In the Porn industry: Right or Wrong?

Pornography is a word derived from the Latin Porne (prostitute) and graphos (depicting) and literally means a depiction of prostitutes or prostitution. The term is now used generically to describe any material that is sexually explicit and intended primarily for the purpose of sexual arousal.
We are already know that sex is one of the most talked about biblical sins. We know that in the biblical times men had multiple wives and partners known as concubines (mistresses). Now we also know that women who like to spread the love around are considered whores (word in the bible) don’t freak out. We know that some women in the biblical times aswell as now were and are treated like the we are at the bottom of the food chain. So now that we have discussed all of that:
What is your honest opinion of porn and women? Do you believe if watched with wife or husband is it spiritually wrong?
Do you watch porn? Would you watch if your husband or wife asked you?
One of my friends told me that there is not a man alive that doesn’t watch porn..I believe him
Do you know of one..I don’t need his name of course but I would like to know how guys really feel?
Please do not be religious. I know pastors that watch porn and I can only say Confession and Repentance..thank God for his son Jesus and His Shed blood for all of our sins..
I want to understand why if a man is married, why is porn necessary? Humor me guys(males) tell me why is porn necessary?
Would you married and have children with an ex-porn star? We understand that once we confess our sins ..God forgives us ..that is a memory note to all of the religious are righteous and have fallen short of the glory..another note for the religous folk..
I am interested to know how many men would marry a woman that is wildly view because of her performaces in this industry. I know alot of men that want their wives to fulfill their fantasy about things that they have seen in a movie or heard their friends talk about. Ladies tell me how would you feel if your husband was persistent with you to do things that you are not comfortable with. Possibly things he saw in a Xrated movie. How would you feel?
Coyfee signing off…
Women in Porn
One author’s opinion

There are many reasons why a woman may enter the porn industry. To find out these reasons we must go right to the source. Why not ask a famous woman porn star why she does it. Ask why she would want to make a living out of having sex. Many female porn stars have said that they are in the industry because of the money. Porn is a billion dollar industry as money is made through the selling of pornography magazines and movies. Plus the internet is a huge money maker for the porn industry. There are thousands of websites that offer pornographic videos, pictures and even stream live web-cams. Depending on what you wish to see you can watch live footage of people having sex or engaging in other sexual acts. There is also a big market in the phone sex industry. Porn is literally everywhere.
A woman can make a lot of money in the porn industry. Some female porn stars have become so popular that they live in Hollywood mansions. It is easier to make thousands of dollars having sex then it is to work at a fast-food restaurant. A woman in the porn industry has to work less and makes more money in a shorter amount of time. The earning potential is incredible for a woman in this industry.


Some women say that they choose the porn industry because they enjoy having sex. They feel that they are good at sex and this is how they want to earn a living. Many female porn stars are not afraid to brag about their in-bed habits. Some female porn stars have even written books such as the popular “How to Have Sex Like a Porn Star.” There are so many different markets that a porn star can tap into. Female porn stars have their own accessory lines, lingerie lines and much more. Not all of the reasons for a woman to enter the porn industry are positive.

Some women enter the porn industry for negative reasons. Some of the women have been sexually abused or molested and then is how they deal with that pain. Other women choose the porn industry to pay for drug habits or because they feel they can not make money any other way. Some women who have been teenage runaways have entered the porn industry because it allows them to get off the streets. Other women suffer from low self esteem and working in porn makes them feel sexy. There are as many negative reasons as positive reasons on why a woman may enter the porn industry.

While some people look down on and frown at women working in the porn industry we must realize that it is their choice. Some women who are struggling to become models or actresses will do porn films so they are not forced to live on the streets. The biggest reason for women in porn is the money. Several female porn stars have made millions of dollars in the porn industry. The porn industry can be a stepping stone to other things in life. We all start somewhere and the porn industry is where some women choose and want to be.


Another thing, most women who “enjoy” lots of sex or like being in movies, were usually molested as a kid. Lots are girls have been subjected to molestation once in their lives. It affects them for the rest of their lives. Depending on the abuse, it can cause women to head into distructive livestyles like porn. You can say, “Some women have made lots of money doing porn.” So what? Drug dealers make a lot of money. Is that something to look up to or want to become? I could probably make a lot of money doing porn, but I don’t want to do something that disgusting just to make money. Porn is shameful. It will always be, even if more and more are engaging in it in their private lives. It’s still a taboo.

Fred / June 16th, 2007, 2:40 am / # 

I am pretty pettie, smart 19 year old female that does watch porn now and then on my dyas of work at a deacent respectable job. By seeing me, no one would guess that I stay up until 2 in the morning watching raunchy sleezy porn in order to satisfy my sexual needs. Why? Bc lets face it. Porn is enyoyable to watch however afterwords it leaves you feeling dirty and like a perve. I started viewing soon after I purchased my laptop and I vowed not to do it again since it gave me an uneasy,sticky, sick fealing to venture in to something that corrupts minds. and I guess in a way that is what it did to me. Porn is like a drug that lives and thrives in ones mind. It can have long term side effects like turning bi. I watch i it for hours at time and I HATE IT. I want to stop but I am embarrased to even tell my boy friend who Im supposed to move in with. I enjy waching porn somethimes more than having sex with him and I know that that is not how its supposed to be. PORN CORRUPTS MINDS AND SOULS AND i WANT TO STOP SO I AM REALY GOING TO PRAY THAT THIS STOPS.

anonymouse / December 18th, 2008, 3:26 am / #


anonymouse / December 18th, 2008, 3:35 am / #

Another author’s opinion

The negative portrayal of women and sex by the porn industry is an alarming problem for society as a whole – especially since this problem has the backing of a multi-billion dollar industry that is funded by millions of people everyday.

The porn industry can be down right disrespectful of women in their descriptions and portrayals, with violent and derogatory terms often being used to indicate the rough nature of how the women appearing in the films are used and abused. Women are seen as sexual objects to be used for the physical pleasures and perversions of men. No matter how brutal or invasive the act may be, women are also shown as enjoying it immensely – and in fact desiring the same things. Women are perceived in such a way that they would like nothing more than to have sex with any man with a pick up line and some easily removable pants, but contrary to what some men may allow themselves to believe, this is not the case. There is nothing wrong with seeing a female as a beautiful and sexual being, but that is not all that they are – and most desire much more than sexual gratification (especially if its in weird and unflattering ways).

The main problem with this portrayal is that many porn users are exposed to porn at a young age, which may lead to an early lack of respect for females and for sex itself. This in turn can breed a society in which not only is it the norm for men to see women as sexual objects, but young girls may be conditioned into believing that this is normal.

We live in a society where sexual values and ethics are fading, as young men are all too willing to have sex with the first willing female they can find and young women do not value themselves and the act of sex enough to wait for the right time and partner. The sexual antics with no personal connection shown in porn movies can be seen as a contributing factor to the promotion of promiscuity and casual sex. Sex itself is not the problem here – it is the way in which it is used and portrayed by the pornographic industry.

Any act seen in a porn movie can be considered to be acceptable, as long as it is done with genuine love and consent by all those concerned (which is unlikely, especially in terms of group sex or any form of humiliation), and not for economic gain where it is used as a tool of trade. Sex is not a commodity to be filmed and sold and no matter what they are being paid, the “stars” of these films are going very cheaply. As with many multi million dollar industries, ignorance is indeed bliss, as the women who act in these films are treated like the objects that they convey.

If you watch a pornographic film, how do you know when you are watching an abused or psychologically damaged women “performing” or not? Perhaps you are funding the drug addiction of abused and humiliated women who are selling their dignity and respect for their next hit? The porn industry is rife with these kinds of stories, and many worse – so if you’re not sure where your money or attention is going, why fund or use any of it? There is genuine sexual fulfillment to be found in the real world, in real relationships – where there are no cameras, money and profit margins involved.

Conversations wit Coyfee presents A Man in the Mirror-The B-Fade Story

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A Man in the Mirror-The B-Fade Story

Hello family!

This is Coyfee from ConversationswithCoyfee. I wanted to take a bit of your time and introduce you to another amazing lyricist. Who? Yeah, I got you curious now.. Andre Woods aka B-Fade born September 21, 1976… His story of pain and struggle as he made the decision to embrace Christ will awaken a new compassion for the new convert. His life has been seen by some as failure but I will expose the constant attacks of the enemy on his life, his ministry, and of course Matrimony.

Before we jump right into this interview and his story, I encourage you to take some time and remember who you were before Christ. For many of us who we are right now was not who we were while seeking Christ. How many times have we fallen (in secret of course) to bitterness, unforgiveness, drugs, alcohol, pornography, fornication, adultery or even pride. Please if this is where you are ..stop now and confess these things before our Lord Jesus Christ..Are you done? Great now there is absolutely nothing between you and the Lord Jesus Christ.

For those of that have never accepted Jesus..well I would never leave you out..ponder about making this life changing commitment to Jesus as I share this man’s struggle to walk in the paths of righteousness ..

Now to the interview::::

ConversationswitCoyfee: Hello B-Fade. We are very excited to have you as one of our featured artist. Can you tell us how did you come up with the name B-Fade?

B-Fade: COZ (my best friend) and I used to rap together before we got saved and I was known as Fade back then before conversion. After my conversion I became known as Brother Fade. COZ was known as KOZY-K before conversion and just changed the name. GOD’s Child was already working as a Gospel rapper. We were all members of the same church. So we started the group called the ‘Soldiers of Righteousness’. Shortly after this the group seperated and a group was formed with COZ and myself called ‘Christian Brothas.’ I was promoting an event called Soul Saver 2004 on the World Hit Gospel Show (106.1 KMEL), the number 1 radio station in the Bay Area..The DJ, Tinka was really the one that branded me with name B-Fade. I had a passion to be transformed into what God called me to be. B-Fade chosen this meaning to express his goal for his life and ministry-Be Faithful And Dedicated Eternally
ConversationswitCoyfee: Wow! That’s a very powerful name. I would think that the enemy has tried the persona that the name represents.

B-Fade: Yes, indeed. More than you know

ConversationswitCoyfee: Tell the readers about some of the challenges you have had to walk thru before your conversion?

B-Fade: Man, where do I begin? I guess at the beginning, I was raised in a family where alcohol, violence, and partying were normal. I really had not seen any other type of life. As a child at parties, I would drink the drinks that were left on tables by the adults. I didn’t know that then but that would open doors to a constant struggle with Alcoholism. I grew up in that life doing just what everyone else did, you know. Rapping, drugs (selling and using), fighting, women and just wilding out. Just doing whatever with no thought of tomorrow.

October 1994 I found myself in prison. I got in a fight and I beat the guy so bad. I still didn’t understand all that was in me, the anger. During that fight, I broke almost every bone in his body. While I was waiting in jail to go to court for this issue, other crimes came up and after a lengthly jury trial I was sentenced two years. After prison, you would have thought I would change but no; not yet.

ConversationswithCoyfee: Tell me what really made you change?

B-Fade: I had started using cocaine and alcohol together. This was definitely not a good choice. Even though the cocaine was a recreational drug. My drug of choice was alcohol. During this time I noticed that I was more anxious than usual. However, I kept drinking. Soon I noticed that the anxiousness turned into full blown panic attacks. This was a bit hard to handle for me. I began thinking about stopping but every time I tried to stop..the attacks would worsen. I felt trapped. If I keep drinking then the next day I would have a hangover and a panic attack would start. If I tried to quit ..the panic attack would start..

ConversationswitCoyfee: That must have been a really hard place to be in. What happened next?

B-Fade: I knew Elder Derrick Mann from before, back in the day. EIder Mann was holding a Bible Study in this ladies house near where I used to sell drugs. So I went to Bible Study and the topic was ‘Not being promised to wake up the next day. Everybody was leaving and it seemed like I was all alone. Suddenly a panic attack began and I started to run back to the house where the Bible Study had been held. I started beating on the door but no one answered. I thought I was having a heart attack ..I was sure I was dying. I begin “praying Lord please, just let me live ..I promise to change..I promise to change my life and live for you.” So I started running toward uncoming traffic. I was trying to stop anybody that could help me. One of my homeboys’ girlfriend stopped and dropped me at the hospital. However, the doctors did not find anything physically wrong with me. I contacted Elder Mann he took me to his church called Church Of Jesus Our Lord. This Church was what they called a word church. The teaching was straight out of the word. The pastor’s name is Elder Phillip Tindsley. I was learning a lot about the new life that had been made available in Christ Jesus. The teaching was raw and uncut; easy to understand.

I was still rapping with folks in the secular industry even though I had accepted Christ Jesus. Elder Mann who was into Gospel Rap, taught us how to use our talent for the Kingdom of God. He eventually became a producer in the Gospel Rap genre. He was so persistent and he really labored with us. He never gave up on us. Elder Mann taught us what being saved was all about. He helped us learn how we could have Rap and Jesus. During all of this I was invited and I did perform with the Ying Yeng Twins in a club. I was still learning about my new relationship with God.. I was still having difficulty changing my lifestyle and didn’t want anyone to know. So I hid it… I pretended that I was straight..I wasn’t comfortable with sharing my weaknesses with anyone.

Our church was full of so much love that one time when I didn’t have any food. A guy at my church offered to get me some food. I thought he would bring like bread and peanut butter or something like that. But he decked our kitchen out. He brought steaks, and everything. I mean my kitchen was butt naked before he blessed me. The guy filled the house up with food. Accolades go out to Elder Marcus Brown for being the hands of God.

ConversationswitCoyfee: I remember you mentioned that your family wasn’t saved when you were young. How did your conversion affect your relationship with your family?

B-Fade: When I was a new convert and I had just started attending church. I lived with my dad. My dad was still drinking and told me if I didn’t drink I had to go. He did kick me out because I wouldn’t drink with him anymore. Now I was thinking this Christian thing must not be that good, cause I am homeless and this I didn’t do anything wrong. But God came thru as I would soon he always does. A couples days later, I got a job with Home Depot. A church member rented the studio in the back of her house for $400.00. I started to begin to believe that God really did hear me. But one thing was missing; a wife and family. I was often lonely and sought to find the woman that had been set aside for me. I battled with lonliness and worked hard to keep my thoughts clean. However, I would fine myself involved in sexual immorality.

Please read parts 2 & 3 for the continuation of this controversial interview.

Conversations wit Coyfee presents A Man in the Mirror-The B-Fade Story-Part 2

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Greetings Family

We have been spending time with Andre Woods AKA B-Fade. He is an extraodinary person as well as a minister of the Gospel. He has been sharing with us how his life was before Christ and even of the very personal struggles he faced after he accepted Christ as his Lord. When we left off he was sharing his feelings with us about times of lonliness and the struggle to abstain from sexual immorality. B-Fade was honest to expose his life as a new convert with all of the challenges he faced with money, shelter and also in relationships.

A Man in the Mirror-The B-Fade Story-Part 2

Let’s pick up where we left off with B-Fade telling us about how his first marriage began.

ConversationswitCoyfee: So B, I know you eventually got married. Tell us about how that all came about?

B-fade: The saint, who had rented me the studio, had two daughters. One of the young ladies, would bring me food. She knew I didn’t have a stove and I was impressed with her kindness. At this time, I was still searching for the woman who had my rib. Well, she was extremely kind and I again was lonely. I longed for a women to minister to me, in and out of bed. The thoughts would open the door to a relationship of fornication.

Late one night she came over and the events of that evening changed the nature of our relationship. Now in the meantime, I was still attending services, still seeking God for direction, but sneaking around with her. We had become comfortable with our relationship and would be out in the public often. So we would come up with these elaborate tales to cover the tracks which would often lead to spouts of fornication. However, after the dust would settle she would rush to tell the Elder what we had done. I however, was still sticking to tale we created. If she wasn’t in place they would assume she was with me. She seemed to want to get closer to God but after a few of her confessions, the Elder thought that I was the deterent. That I just didn’t care about the right way to do things. I really didn’t want to disobey them or the Bible but it was so hard not do it. Almost impossible to just abstain. I mean I got most of the blame but even when I would try not to be with her; she would want to. Then afterward she would go back to the Elder and confess for both of us. Then the Elder would come straight to me, telling me to leave her alone. He thought the counsel was working but it would happen again. There would be more than a few occurrences.

The minister would come back and each time the counsel would be more stern. The ministerial staff advise that her and I should stop seeing each other. They said that we both need to get closer to God so that we could build a foundation. We couldn’t seem to stop sinning long enough to hear what they were saying. We decided to refused the church’s counsel and continue to fornicate. As time passed the sermons from the pulpit would address the issues of sex outside of marriage. This became so intense that we both decided to get married and just be done with it.

My pastor refused to marry us and so we were married by my aunt behind the church’s back. We decided to just get married so people would leave us alone. I clearly knew that I didn’t love her and I believe she wasn’t in love with me either. There were problems in our marriage almost immediately. She and I both were being attacked by a spirit of lust which would open the door for adulterous activities later in the marriage. These activities created a violate home environment which eventually pushed me back to alcohol usage. We would struggle to stay together for about two years and the marriage would finally end in divorce.

ConversationswithCoyfee: After you two finally got married, how did adultery come in?

B-fade: There was a tragedy in her family and she was away helping make arraingements. During the time she was away she was spending time with another man. She later confessed that they had kissed and told me that her and him were over. However, she continued to see him for sometime. One of the youth from our church saw her with the young man and that’s how I knew that she was still seeing him. When I would come home, things had changed; she seemed depressed. She would say things like: she didn’t want to be with me anymore and just be out right mean. She would say stuff like that I was ugly and unattractive. Her rejection wounded me and made me more susceptible to the direction that enemy was pushing me towards (adultry).

I was in a group called Christian Brothas and we were invited to do a gospel play. While rehearsing for gospel play, I had met a really pretty lady. She was just being really nice to me and my wife was the absolute opposite. This girl and I were just friends but people were accusing us of sexual immorality. Which opened a dialogue concerning the gossip. We would meet up just to talk about the gossip and what people were saying about us. The next thing we knew we doing exactly what we had been accused of. I didn’t know it then but she lived right up the street from us(my wife and I). By now my wife had stop coming home and if she came it was clear she that she didn’t want to be there.

With the stress of all of this, I was really having a difficult time with the alcohol usage. My wife and I had been arguing when the police saw us. She was talking me back to the place that my car was left at. See a guy was killed directly in front of my car and so my car was a part of the crime scene. The cops arrested me because we were fighting in the car. Plus I was drinking people thought I was responsible for the guy’s murder.

ConversationswitCoyfee: Wow, a lot happened during that time. What do you believe caused you to loose focus?

B-fade: Me. My focus was on me and what I wanted. Not that what I wanted was all wrong but the manner in which I was getting it was. The relationships were not in accordance with the word. When the fire was turned up all sorts of things begin to rise up such as the continual battle with a disease called Alcoholism.

Do you battle with Alcoholism or maybe another drug addiction? Woud you like prayer? Email me and leave your contact information. We will contact you for prayer.

Conversations wit Coyfee presents A Man in the Mirror-The B-Fade Story-Part 3

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A Man in the Mirror-The B-Fade Story

Salutations Family!

We have been conducting a very controversial but necessary interview with Andre Woods AKA B-Fade. He has chosen to take the brave step and share times in his life that were some of his deepest darkest moments. He shares with us that even after accepting Jesus as his Lord; the struggle with alcoholism was a continual thorn in his side.

Please stay with us as we share the final portion of this heart wrenching interview with B-Fade.

This is the final part of the B-Fade story. Let’s go right into the Interview.

ConversationswitCoyfee: What do you feel like the repercussions of having lost focus were?

B-Fade: Well, the repercussions were not immediately visible. Shortly after the divorce, I had my own place and I was doing really well. However, the sinful lifestyle that had been gently sneaking up on me had finally over-taken me. I found myself doing things like partying, drinking, and just hanging out with old friends. Now looking back on it the marriage had taken a toll on me. It had weaken me and I was not even aware of it. The stress of being in a loveless marriage was really hard and before I knew it I had lost everything. My car, my place, my job, and even my cell phone. I knew I had hit rock bottom because I had lost the most important of my possessions; my self respect but hadn’t realized it then. I had planned a ministry trip and was thinking about not going. How could I minister in the shape I was in?

ConversationswitCoyfee: What happened next?

B-Fade: Well, I had planned a trip to LA before everything else had happened. So I decided to go ahead and make the trip. When I got there Nate Dog was there while we ministering. I was told he later gave his life to God. That encouraged me greatly. I felt like even though I was in such a mess on the outside; God could still used me in a marvelous way.

I knew I had to get it together and so I did. Every time God would bless me ..the enemy would do something to knock me back. I however, held on to God this time. I was going to allow the word and the spirit of God to change me. It would be harder than I had ever imagined. It isn’t easy stopping things that you have done most of your life and many times these are not things that you stop overnight. The spirit of God has to deliver you and that is what I was seeking God for; deliverance..freedom.

ConversationwitCoyfee: B-Fade you mentioned that you are married now. How did you meet your current wife?

B-Fade: That’s sort of a funny story. She was seeking a church that had Gospel rap. So she went on the internet and starting hitting up Gospel rappers’ pages on Myspace. So I had been divorced for sometime now and was doing pretty good. They were allowing me to minister at my church and I was more aware of my weakness as a man of God. So when I saw her message, I responded. I told her some stuff about the ministry and then gave her directions and she came. I was stationed at the door so I saw her when she walked in. I was like wow, she is beautiful. I remembered how I had gotten in trouble before so I gave her over to the ministers to encourage her. However we started talking and stuff. We began grow closer and I went over a couple of times. We remained faithful to our teaching, however, we both realized that we were developing feelings for each other.

It was little difficult for me cause I was living out of the area and would have drive home late at night. It was about a hour drive. She was helping me study for a test so that I could get a better job. This night she was like you don’t have to drive home tonight. You can stay over tonight. I already knew I loved her and wanted to express my love for her. So I sat downstairs hoping she would come back downstairs. She did, we celebrated our love for one another. please do not mis-understand, we new that coming together without first being married was wrong. However we loved each other. To me she was already my wife. It was not a one night stand or anything. This was and still is the real thing.

We decided to go to the ministerial staff so they could counsel us cause we wanted to get married but we didn’t tell them we had already been intimate. We wanted to know how to date the christian way. So I schooled Priscilla (my wife) on what and how to say. The next time we were intimate she was over come with guilt and she went to the ministerial staff. After she confessed it, the pastor told me that I had to stop rapping. He said that he was disappointed in me. He had not forgotten the manner of my last relationship though years had pasted. So he advised us to leave each other alone and he sat me down. I was headed down the same road as before or so it seemed. We had made the required changed and but continued to date without the sinning. Things looked hopeful and I knew I loved this woman.

One Friday night after service my ex-wife showed up and the two ladies exchanged words which led to a heated confrontation in the back of the church. Priscilla and I decided to leave because it just seemed like I was causing to much trouble in that church. Maybe about two weeks after we left we seriously began to discuss marriage. I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and wasn’t ashamed of it. We just decided to get married at the court house and find a new place to worship that didn’t know either of us. We did get married and started looking for a place to worship.

ConversationswitCoyfee: How are things going so far?

B-Fade: We are expecting a baby anytime now and our relationship is transitioning. We went thru some marital struggles that begin to tear the fabric of our marriage apart. When the pressure of the institution of marriage began we started a aggressive search for a ministry. My wife wanted to belong to a family; a place to worship. I was looking for a ministry that reminded me of the old church. So we continued to search but I began to fall backwards. Things were really difficult and I began drinking again. I honestly believe it is because of the pressure, the absence of the support of a church family and we were experiencing financial delay. She was angry with me because I had gotten a DUI. I was upset with her and sat in the car. I fell asleep after drinking. Someone called the police because I was asleep in a parking lot and they gave me a DUI. Mind you I was not drinking while driving but just sleeping after drinking. They gave me a DUI anyway.

So she went back to our old church and feeling scare of what was going on with me. She confided in them and told everything that was going on with me. She requested counseling for us and she had attended a couple of services.
Before I knew we were there worshiping as a married couple. But we were still getting dirty looks and stuff. Then they began to prophesy things from the pulpit and this made it uncomfortable for her. After that my ex-wife would show up and my wife just decided to just leave permanently.

It became so difficult for us to hold it together that we thought it was best to separate for a season. I didn’t have any where to go so I moved in with a close friend and his family. His name is QHeem. I began to visit QHeem’s church. I had set up ground rules for how my wife and I should handle things after we reconciled but then we had to move into a shelter. We had to vacate our apartment. We were only at the shelter for one night. I continued to attend QHeem’s church and continued to pray for strength and direction. Later that week we moved into a huge house with seven bedrooms where each one was rented to a different tenant. My wife and I got the master bedroom.

I contemplated giving up on my family but did not. Please pray for us as I receive treatment for the disease that has plagued me on and off for most of my adult life, Alcoholism.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This just in: Priscilla and Andre AKA B-Fade are embracing life as a married couple and giving all of us the imagine of Christ and His Bride ….Which is filled with Forgiveness …Celebrate B’s restoration and his redemption<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Check back often for the Status updates on the Birth of the Baby!!!
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This has been the story of B-Fade’s life before and after Christ. We hope it has encouraged you to get up and try it again. If you are struggling with any of these problems and would like prayer, please email me and one of us will be happy to pray with you..If you would like to recieve Christ please email one of us and we will be happy to contact you for prayer..

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ConversationswitCoyfee presents Mahagony Jones’ Morphed-Music Review

In Christian Hip Hop, Entertainment, women talk on July 7, 2009 at 9:50 am

A Music Review of Mahogany Jones’ Morphed

I wanted to share a muisc review found on  The Oracle Magazine. This young lady has an amazing sound and I wanted to share her with you.was submited by a young writer named Malachi.  Please read below as he expresses the elation brought on by Mahogany Jones’s CD “Morphed“. Aftr sampling it, i know you will feel the same way. I did.


This music review was written by Malachi submitted on

 I can make one guarantee here: You’re not expecting this CD. It’ll catch you off guard whether you’re familiar with its artist, Mahogany Jones, or you’ve never before heard her name. And when will this realization begin to sink in? The minute you scope the cover art: There she is, Mo Jones tuned into the sounds of a flashy headset, eyes closed, lids painted, pleasant expression; and laid over this cover are words in a font that is a cross between art deco and funk era. They read “Mahogany Jones” and the title of the CD: “Morphed.”

Then there’s another unexpected surprise. You’ll load your CD player (or download to your mp3) with music from this talented and proven hip hop artist … but the first thing you’ll hear will be … wait a second! That sounds like techno! Electronic? Disco-ish? What’s going on? I told you so. But don’t worry. I didn’t completely ruin it for you. Hearing is believing in this case; and nothing that I can write will cause you to entirely snoop these sounds. That is, not until you cop this project yourself.

As you sit back and let each of the tracks from this album rush over you, it’s likely you’ll experience an astonishing sense of satisfaction. Morphed is music. Good music with a seldom-touched message, hot vocals, superior production and gifted lyricism. If you’re able to deconstruct the categories you may have that define music genres and not determine your ability to enjoy songs based on their adherence to those genres, you’ll love this album. And the irresistible sounds of Morphed will gain heavy rotation in your music player.

As is deftly communicated in its introductory track, this project is an effort to divulge Mo’s transformation from a non-Christian to a convert, and an immature believer to a more mature one. In other words, she’s “Morphed” from one being to another and, in fact, she’s still morphing. In so doing, this first official Mahogany Jones solo release encompasses all kinds of tracks that deal with assorted topics in no particular order. It seems it’s up to the listener to determine the proper sequence of thoughts and events, and how they’ve played into the life of the artist.

“Easy,” for example, digs into the near-insanity survived by folks who wrestle with the challenges of human love. Encased by BeeLee’s creative tempo, the song follows Mo Jones’ signature exhaled delivery, consistently punctuated by the beautiful voices of Chris Lawson and Aisha Johnsie:

Easy come / easy go / but it’s not that easy though / when you think / when you think that you’re in love so // take your time / take it / slow / ‘cause God wants to show you / real love / real love

Another illustration is the incessant attempt to show that part of the morphing process was Ms. Jones’ departure from using her artistry according to the expectations of others to rhyming & making music in concert with her own personal style. This is displayed throughout the album, but one lyrical segment in particular shows off Mahogany’s ability to mention concepts, ideas, and terms you don’t normally see in hip hop lyrics: “Let me get that techno, disco, hip hop, bee bop, neo-soul / merengue, calypso, reggaeton, blues, jazz, Afrobeat … it can all be Gospel.” “Afrobeat”? From the H.E.R. Project through The Gathering, I must admit that Mo Jones never fails to display her knack for pulling many aspects of human existence into her rhymes. Including names of international music many hip hop heads have never even heard of.

A third example of the assortment of tunes revealing this artist’s transformation is “Hate this Life.” Mo Jones introduces this song this way: “You know, some mornings I wonder am I actually living in someone else’s dream. And if so, I wish they’d wake up. ‘Cause sometimes … life really sucks.” After giving a taste of the hook, which will only fully unfold at the end of the song, Mo Jones spits over a sharp array of strings and an undeniable bass. The agonizing chorus at the end is bound to have anyone who has ever been through anything nodding in agreement by the time it’s all over.

These and, frankly, every last one of the tunes on display in Morphed are well worth a listen. This album is exceptional to the point that even its questionable attributes are muffled by redeeming qualities. For instance, Mahogany Jones’ vocals sometimes sink and are hard to hear, plus there are times she seems a bit out of breath and is rushing to catch up with the tempo. But much of this is related to her personal style and unique delivery. At times she spits with a bit of a pant involved and her accent includes points where the ends of words come out low. That’s simply the way Mahogany Jones spits, for better or worse. Also, her vocals on this album are simply not as rugged as many fans are used to from this artist. But again, this project exchanges ruggedness for passion; moreover, Mo’s ability to rap over these largely electronic tracks is noteworthy. It’s also noticeable that though a lot of Christian elements are mentioned (including repentance, prayer, and God’s Word), there’s arguably no clear explanation about why Christ is necessary or why He’s simply not one option over many. Nevertheless, the fact that this album could easily drive someone to further investigation about sin, its wages, and God’s plan can’t go unnoticed.

Morphed is an amazing effort on the part of Mahogany Jones, her producers (especially Temple and I-Ron-ic-Lee), and other contributing artists. The lyrics niftily present broad concepts combined with Mo’s trademark inflection, the sound quality is superb, the singers are head and shoulders beyond typical vocalists found on hip hop CDs, the interludes are fantastic, and, ironically, the persistent bass screams “hip hop” all the way through (you’ll be delighted if you have a quality set of subs).

So, if you’re interested in expanding your horizons with a different sound and want transparent subject-matter, Morphed won’t disappoint. You’ll be glad you copped this CD and got on board Mahogany Jones’ journey as she becomes who God designed.

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