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ConversationswitCoyfee presents FashionsbyCoyfee

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walking withtrain.bride3FashionsbyCoyfee


Afro-Centric Designs


Anyiam’s Creations


I was searching for interesting designs to share and this is another designer that I ran across. Let me know how you feel about these designs.  Here’s an exert from Anyiam’s web page. Please read below:

Anyiams Creations is a fashion design and production company. It was founded by Nigerian born Designer Thony Chukwuemezie Anyiam in 1991.  We specialize in designer traditional African and Afrocentric bridal and formal fashions for both male and female. Designer Thony Anyiam merges African, Western, American, and Asian influences in creating unique, classic, sophistication and modern looks. He is considered Africa’s premier fashion designer, and most influential, and creative designer of our time.  

In the coming years, Anyiams will be expanding into other areas such as home furnishings, fragrance, licensing and franchising.  We welcome financial backers, sponsors and investors. check out new line of men and women Silk neckties and Scarves of different nations. The African and Afrocentric market still remains vastly untapped. Interested in investing? please contact our home office via e-mail for information.

You will find similar (copied) wedding attire (bride and groom) advertise on the web for less, think first before you make that final commitment. There must be a reason why it is that cheap. Your wedding day is a very special day for both of you, one that you will cherish for a long time. Do not cheapen it, and live to regret it.

Below are some of his bridal fashions..For a more detailed catalog visit his website..


bride.6         male2       male3



Take a look at the crowns and head dresses..

 hat1     hat2          hat4    hat5

      hat6    hat9 hat18


hat7     hat17





 Take a look at his swimwear designs!!!swimwear1swimwear5


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   His swimwear designs are quite unique.


swimwear 2


Let us know what you think of this designer…Talk2Me..Please leave comments..

Here is his web address for more information…


Conversations wit Coyfee discusses Suffering in Silence within the Walls of America’s Black Church-HIV/AIDS in the Black Church

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Suffering in Silence within the Walls of America’s Black Church

HIV in the Black Church

Many in the black church are suffering with the fear of death. They are the grown up children that used to run around the church yard playing hide and seek. They are the young men that sang the old gospel songs and the young women that prayed prayers of healing. These are the young people that decided to grow up in America’s Black Church. Many are not married and do not have any children even though they are in their mid twenties to late thirties. Some appear to have taken a vow of celibacy but there are hidden relations going on. They no longer choose to fight their desires for same sex relations and hence they have begun to embrace this lifestyle at an alarming rate.

Now, we must be clear; not every person that has HIV/AIDS is a homosexual male. However many believe HIV/AIDS is a homosexual disease. That being the case those infected are often treated like modern day lepers. Why, because the church shuns the very thought of homosexuality? Since, they secretly desirer the same sex. They are treated as if they have already been judged by GOD and have been sentenced to HELL..

Having been raised in the Black Church, I know all to well that the discussion on sex and sexuality is mum’s the word. Some churchs are making a bold step and are beginning to discuss sex within the marriage. However, sex within same sex relationships are not popular semon starters for the Christian community. Based on a teaching that I have recieved in church same sex relationships are an abomination to God, this teaching is in response to Romans 1.24-1:26.

It reads..Romans 1:24″..Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves. 25: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. 26: For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

Now, I must go on record as stating that GOD is LOVE and He loves everyone..John 3:16
“FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.

Many suffering in Silence may wonder what the bible has to say about this sin or maybe below “…Then I acknowledged my sin to you (God) and did not cover up my iniquity. I said ‘I will confess my transgressions to the LORD’ – and you forgave the guilt of my sin.” (Ps 32:5)

A news reporter had this to say about HIV?AIDS in the black church.. CBS News correspondent Randall Pinkston explains in part two, some churches are starting to begin the conversation. black church – traditionally a loud voice for social change – has been curiously silent on the crisis of AIDS in the African-American community, and some say, even negligent.

When Demarsh Tarver contracted AIDS in Alabama, he says his minister told him to pray for forgiveness. “When I reached out to the church, I felt like I had been condemned because of my lifestyle,” Tarver said. “I basically told him, in so many words, to go to hell.” Check out our Video section for a clip of the above interview with Mr. Tarvar.

Despite the fact that pastors across the south have offered small consolation to people infected with the virus, AIDS activists say they need black churches the help stem the growing tide of new HIV and AIDS cases. While African-Americans represent 19 percent of the south’s population, Pinkston reports they’re 56 percent of new AIDS cases in the region. It is an issue that the people of God must address, said Reverend Claude R. Alexander, Jr., of the University Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C.

So please allow that love to minister to you as I share one young man’s story of his suffering in silence in the black church. He has been diagnosed with HIV and is a christian that desires to be delivered from homosexuality. He is an amazing young man and please read his story without judgement.


Conversations wit Coyfee: Mr. Barnett I noticed that you stated in the article that your church did not know that you were HIV positive.  Can you tell me if anyone at your church knows now since the article?

Mr. Barnett: Well they dont know because of the article someone knows because it licked out when i was using facebook and wrote it on somebodys page that i was doing motivational speaking for H.I.V also telling my story living with it that is how one person found out.

Conversations wit Coyfee: Can you also tell me if and how your life has changed since the article in Vesselvibe was published?

Mr. Barnett: My life really has not changed because i used a fake name and only people in my family and close friends know about the article so it really has not changed my life yet but has changed my view on somethings from the comments people are leaving.

Conversations wit Coyfee: Can you share with our readers what type of feedback have you been getting from your audience?

Mr. Barnett: I have been getting postive feedback for the most part some comments people have personally e-mailed me was kinda rude but i just take that and build myself up i love my haters and negetive comments because they are like a elevater they take me higher and when the smoke clears and the dust settles at all cost i shall succeed.

Conversations wit Coyfee: You mentioned that you were interested in doing motivational speaking, how is that dream coming along?

Mr. Barnett: My motivational dreams are starting to come together the more i put the word out to people that can help me and i tell my story to they are very happy to help me like i have three events lined up and one B.E.T rap-it-up will be there so i am just staying prayed up and asking god to help me. By the way if there is any event you can use me to speak please e-mail me or if you can help with contacts or want to help me with my campaign/staff e-mail me.

Conversations wit Coyfee: Mr. Barrett, please tell our readers anything that I have not covered but that you would like to share with them.

Mr. Barnett: Well first i want to thank you Tammie(Conversations wit Coyfee) for giving me this space and allowing me to answer some questions that readers may have. If you have not gotten a chance to read my article of my life and how I contracted H.I.V please go to it is under the features section Titled I’ am a christian living with H.I.V. It will bless you also I want to give three shoutouts first to God who is making this all possible and keeping me growned to the agency that is helping shape me and mold me ROYAL PRIEST HOOD . Thank you so much for even taking me under your wings and helping me. Then I want to give a big shout out to a lady named Lisa Mosely she helped me get my business cards together. Please visit her site at

Lastly people it is time to stand up and speak out about this epedimic. I don’t know if you know how bad this is but 1 million people are effected in the U.S.A and 3,000 people don’t even know there status. Please get tested and also educated so that you will know your facts and how not to contracted this disease. My motto is “I speak to the mind to encourage the heart to make a change. Ok before I go and you get tired of me I have two messages for two diffrent people. The first message is to the affected: I am here and living with this virus and I am making my dreams come true this is not a death sentence but it is the newness of live for you. Yes when you find out you might kick and scream but after that is all said and done you have to push yourself off because there is still life to be lived. Be encouraged. Also God stated a agreement in john 11:4 this sickness is not unto death but for His glory you are only going through this for Gods glory so that you will prosper in whatever area in your life that you lack power.

The second message is to the uneducated and undereducated people, please get to know the real facts. There are ten most common myths out here about the disease that will keep you thinking negatively toward your brother or sister that is positive. So get educated and know your facts and rap it up so one day this virus won’t get you. Thank you and be Blessed. These were comments given by Mr. Barnett.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail Mr. Barnett at

Did this interview encourage you? If so tell us about it. We want to know your stories of life and success. Talk 2 Me..Please leave comments..


ConversationswitCoyfee presents FashionsbyCoyfee

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The important people at The Oracle were tossing around the idea of adding a fashion segment to our already amazing publication. The decision was finally made and we decided to do I began brainstorming ideas about fashions. I pondered what fashions to feature first. Could I do a fashion segment on weddings? Of course, Weddings it would be..Which designer would I feature first? Well, I really wasn’t sure where to start but based on my love of Soulful and Afrocentric designs, a search began..Doing a search for Afrocentric designers took me on an exciting experience of romance and culture, a site that displays fun bright reflections of culture.

Please allow me to introduce you to Cassandra Bromfield. A designer that is as at home as apple pie and as warm as hot chocolate. I was completely at awe when we spoke she shared her thoughts on marriage. She spoke of her desire for the bride to host a cultural event not just another wedding.


Who is Cassandra Bromfield? She is only one of the most amazing designers of formal and wedding gowns. It would be robbery not to also include that many of designs are considered Afrocentric and multi-cultural. She is one hot designer. take a look a design which dates back to 1994. This design though not a current work but definitely a favorite of mine. The style is timeless and would add a sense of elegance to any event not only a wedding.

Cassandra Bromfield’s creative, traditional and African American Inspired Designs Have graced the pages of some of the top bridal and fashion magazines including The New York Times Fashion Sunday, Bride’s, Essence, and Black Elegance magazine. It is important to mention that she does formal wear with the same flare of elegance. Take a look at the gown she designed for Ruby Dee. One of the most amazing African American women on the big screen..


This creation was designed for the one and only Ruby Dee. In the words of Cassandra ..”Her gown of 4ply silk with an embroidered lace and with bronze colored pearls, mother of pearl leaf beads and amber quartz beads embellish her bias cut gown”. What an honor to design the gown to be worn by The Ruby Dee…An American Hero..


Cassandra stated in a jokingly manner that she began designing dresses for her Barbie Dolls on an old singer sewing machine that her mother had given her. She developed a loving creation of Unique Bridal Gowns, African American inspired wedding dresses and special event couture. Her dresses evolved into a melange of European and Afrocentric bridal gown elegance.


Bromfield’s wedding dresses feature both ethnic and custom bridal quality and detail. Much of her work includes patchwork and cowry shells. Her works of design art reflect a deep understanding of International fashion imbued with her cultural heritage.


She encourages her brides to add special touches to the special custom bridal or bridal gown. For instance, fabric from a mother’s wedding dress, buttons from a loved ones garment, antique handkerchiefs, or old coins can help give your dress more profound meaning.


Bromfield’s wedding dress and bridal designs range from African American wedding dress designs… like patchwork detail couture, an elegant silk taffeta halter dress topped with a satin faced organza duster with delicate French cuffs, to a sophisticated matte-jersey creation that gracefully drapes the body. Her dresses offer an option for those who want bridal gowns steeped in culture and want an option for the tradition al European or African wedding dress. Below are somebeatuiful examples..


The design below has a personality of it’s own. Imagine if you will a beautiful summer day where you and your life partner are about to embark on a life full of love and romance. There is nothing more beautiful than a wedding ceremony by the sea. This Chantilly Lacetop of silk organza is hand tye dyed and enchanting. Whether you are doing an ethnic – afrocentric or contemporary wedding theme this couture dress is appropriate.


Cassandra draws inspiration from museums collections, books, memorabilia, and family. A recent design theme of hers is soul food. Bromfield reflects “Just as soul food is a mixture of things that our people considered valuable, these designs are a assortment of fabrics, textures, and patterns with hand painting, hand beading, glass, antique beads, and pieces of lace”.


The below gown exudes sumptuous elegance on a wedding day, with this exquisite cocoa satin faced organza bridal gown. Daring and breathtaking, this gown will make a fashion statement both coming and going in your wedding party. Your groom will be anxious to start the honeymoon. Check this one out!



Did you like Cassandra’s designs? Want to create a special day unlike any other..visit her website @ We hope you enjoyed The Oracle’s first Fashion Segment. Please tell us what you think.
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