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ConversationswitCoyfee presents Ask The Black Man:Can A Woman Be In Love With Two Different Men?

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Here’s an age old topic, that’s sure to stir some discussion.  TBM was recently asked if “Can a woman Be In Love With Two Different Men?”. What do you think? I personally think it is possible and not just based on sexual attraction.  I think in life we as people need different things from different people but saying that mouthful. Should we(women) establish and maintain a relationship with two different men? Well please tell me how you feel about this topic..I thought it might lessen the week long blahs for those of us that continue to sadden by continued violence against our children.

This is Coyfee signing off…Now to the “Ask The Black Man”

Can A Woman Be In Love With Two Different Men?

Posted Aug 3

Dear Blackman,

Can a woman be in love with two different men? -LT

 The Blackman: Hi LT, That circumstance would be a rare one but I believe anything is possible in life. I feel that you can have love for two people but can only be in love with one person. It’s very important to have a clear distinction of your feelings, not only in love but in lust. For example, some people think that they may be in love with someone but it is only pure sexual attraction. When the sexual attraction wears off then they feel they are not “in love” with that person anymore. It was never love in the first place. In conversations that I’ve had with many women, I’ve found that in regards to relationships their emotions get very wrapped up in a person that they are involved with (as anyone’s emotions should), so I would see it being difficult to have those same emotions towards two people at the same time. I think you can be in love with someone and can be extremely compatible with someone else. One must be clear on their feelings and what being “in love” really is. I feel being in love with two men at the same time is a very rare occurrence. That’s my 99 Cents worth. TBM


ConversationswitCoyfee presents A Man’s Point Of View: Exploring The Concepts of Polyamory – Open Relationships

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Would you Consider an Open Marriage? What’s Your Opinion? Do you Think it’s Wrong? How do You feel?


I have new topics just bubbling around in my head to share with you. The one for today is: Would you consider an open marriage

I was reading a part of a bio from JujuMama.  I will read almost anything even if I don’t agree with it.  So as I read her bio..she shared her story about how she made peace with the idea of her husband’s choice and eventually hers.

An open marriage ..well the road to this new type of relationship seemed bumpy almost not possible but her husband was very persistent.  He had a soo much love that he wanted to share it with another as well with the promise that it would not take away from his love for her.  Check out her story’s quite interesting..

So after reading that story I knew I had to find out what the men I knew felt about this subject. So I went deep undercover and began my research..One of my friends, we will call him ‘T’ for short.  T was not even open to his wife flirting with other mens. Calm down ladies I am not saying that I agree or disagree with him.  However, I was joking around with one of my male friends and so I thought he would be my test subject.  Of course he has no idea that he is..shhhhs – Don’t tell, okay. 

Is it wrong to share your husband/wife with a secondary partner? Well I was honestly shocked that a man (member of the male species) would not like the idea of having sex with multiple women in the open. He stated that it would not be good to live this lifestyle with his wife knowing and he definitely would agree to his wife having a secondary partner.  I had to know more so I push a little more.  I wanted to know why not? I mean most married men have cheated at least once on their wife.  He remarked that it wouldn’t be the same if she(his wife) knew.

Well that was shocking but when I asked what if your wife wanted to embrace the lifestyle?  Well that was a definite NO. NO. No…No. So ladies, if your going to marry a guy like this …You won’t be able to have two men for if that’s your flavor..

Now if you have a personality that you have hidden from your girlfriend/boyfriend or fiance.  Now’s the time to discuss it with your partner before you solidify the arrangement.  Most people have two personalities and some are hard to hide? Well it takes a long time to share all of yourself with anyone..

Tell me your opinions about this topic? Talk2Me..

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