ConversationswitCoyfee presents Laid Off Wristbands

  ConversationswitCoyfee presents Laid Off Wristbands..

Hey Guys and Gals still looking for work. Check this out…I saw this and I thoughnt it was so cute..Wristbands that state laid off ..Need a job…

Check it out..some have tried it and say it worked for them..

This is Coyfee signing off..

Laid Off? Need A Job?

Wear This Wristband and Let Everyone Know That You are Looking For Employment!

I saw a story in the news recently about Pasha Stocking, a woman in Bridgeport, CT who thought ‘outside the box’ and rented a 14 by 48 foot billboard in order to find employment. At $2500 for the advertising, it seems she has drawn a lot of attention. We think we’ve found a much less expensive way to get attention and find a job with our Laid Off Need a Job wristbands!

The jobless rate in the US reached 9.5 percent in June, the highest in 26 years. The number of unemployed increased 467,000 and now stands at 14.7 million people1. Overall, the economy has now shed 6 million jobs since the recession began in December 2007, and some economists expect an additional 2 million job losses2. Some sources say it could top 10 percent this year. Many blogs I’ve been reading lately concerning unemployment hint that this number could already be higher, based on what they are seeing.

It’s safe to say that if you are reading this, you’ve been affected by this economic crisis in some way, either unemployed, or with friends and/or family members who have been laid off. We can relate, we’ve been in the same boat ourselves. There is hope!

Of course, you know that finding a job is a full-time job in itself. That’s very true. Checking online for job openings, emailing resumes, waiting for interviews, sharpening your job skills, continuing your education, and networking.

Often times success is found in being at the right place at the right time, or meeting the right person. Our wristbands will help you market yourself as you go about your daily routine. They are attention getting conversation starters.


We’ve actually had friends and customers find work because of them!

    Wear Your “Laid Off Need a Job” Wristband
  1. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

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