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ConversationswitCoyfee shares a Tragedy:Trailer Park Couple Lets Rat Chew Baby’s Toes Off

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Trailer Park Couple Lets Rat Chew Baby’s Toes Off

This is unbelieveable.  I was checking the feeds to make sure they worked and this is the newest post. I can’t believe a baby has had her toes chewed off by a rat. We have to do something…What? I don’t know but as you read this story you will see that the baby’s mother is a juvenile..We need to train young mothers on safety issues. We need to check on the newborns and the mothers. I remember when I had my children I would have really appreciated some help figuring the mother thing out. Who is to blame here anyway? The mother? The grandmother? The dad? or all of them? Ponder this and offer your comments…Coyfee signing off..


From the New York Daily News

Three people have been accused of letting rats bite a 6-week-old girl and chew off her toes at their cluttered Ohio mobile home.

Pike County prosecutor Rob Junk says the baby’s toes on one foot were gone when sheriff’s deputies went to the home Sunday after receiving an anonymous tip.

The baby is in fair condition at a Columbus hospital.

A married couple and the 18-year-old boyfriend of the baby’s mother are charged with felony child endangering. They were in court for an initial hearing Tuesday. They’re jailed pending a plea hearing in two weeks.

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