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Conversations wit Coyfee presents A Man in the Mirror-The B-Fade Story-Part 3

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A Man in the Mirror-The B-Fade Story

Salutations Family!

We have been conducting a very controversial but necessary interview with Andre Woods AKA B-Fade. He has chosen to take the brave step and share times in his life that were some of his deepest darkest moments. He shares with us that even after accepting Jesus as his Lord; the struggle with alcoholism was a continual thorn in his side.

Please stay with us as we share the final portion of this heart wrenching interview with B-Fade.

This is the final part of the B-Fade story. Let’s go right into the Interview.

ConversationswitCoyfee: What do you feel like the repercussions of having lost focus were?

B-Fade: Well, the repercussions were not immediately visible. Shortly after the divorce, I had my own place and I was doing really well. However, the sinful lifestyle that had been gently sneaking up on me had finally over-taken me. I found myself doing things like partying, drinking, and just hanging out with old friends. Now looking back on it the marriage had taken a toll on me. It had weaken me and I was not even aware of it. The stress of being in a loveless marriage was really hard and before I knew it I had lost everything. My car, my place, my job, and even my cell phone. I knew I had hit rock bottom because I had lost the most important of my possessions; my self respect but hadn’t realized it then. I had planned a ministry trip and was thinking about not going. How could I minister in the shape I was in?

ConversationswitCoyfee: What happened next?

B-Fade: Well, I had planned a trip to LA before everything else had happened. So I decided to go ahead and make the trip. When I got there Nate Dog was there while we ministering. I was told he later gave his life to God. That encouraged me greatly. I felt like even though I was in such a mess on the outside; God could still used me in a marvelous way.

I knew I had to get it together and so I did. Every time God would bless me ..the enemy would do something to knock me back. I however, held on to God this time. I was going to allow the word and the spirit of God to change me. It would be harder than I had ever imagined. It isn’t easy stopping things that you have done most of your life and many times these are not things that you stop overnight. The spirit of God has to deliver you and that is what I was seeking God for; deliverance..freedom.

ConversationwitCoyfee: B-Fade you mentioned that you are married now. How did you meet your current wife?

B-Fade: That’s sort of a funny story. She was seeking a church that had Gospel rap. So she went on the internet and starting hitting up Gospel rappers’ pages on Myspace. So I had been divorced for sometime now and was doing pretty good. They were allowing me to minister at my church and I was more aware of my weakness as a man of God. So when I saw her message, I responded. I told her some stuff about the ministry and then gave her directions and she came. I was stationed at the door so I saw her when she walked in. I was like wow, she is beautiful. I remembered how I had gotten in trouble before so I gave her over to the ministers to encourage her. However we started talking and stuff. We began grow closer and I went over a couple of times. We remained faithful to our teaching, however, we both realized that we were developing feelings for each other.

It was little difficult for me cause I was living out of the area and would have drive home late at night. It was about a hour drive. She was helping me study for a test so that I could get a better job. This night she was like you don’t have to drive home tonight. You can stay over tonight. I already knew I loved her and wanted to express my love for her. So I sat downstairs hoping she would come back downstairs. She did, we celebrated our love for one another. please do not mis-understand, we new that coming together without first being married was wrong. However we loved each other. To me she was already my wife. It was not a one night stand or anything. This was and still is the real thing.

We decided to go to the ministerial staff so they could counsel us cause we wanted to get married but we didn’t tell them we had already been intimate. We wanted to know how to date the christian way. So I schooled Priscilla (my wife) on what and how to say. The next time we were intimate she was over come with guilt and she went to the ministerial staff. After she confessed it, the pastor told me that I had to stop rapping. He said that he was disappointed in me. He had not forgotten the manner of my last relationship though years had pasted. So he advised us to leave each other alone and he sat me down. I was headed down the same road as before or so it seemed. We had made the required changed and but continued to date without the sinning. Things looked hopeful and I knew I loved this woman.

One Friday night after service my ex-wife showed up and the two ladies exchanged words which led to a heated confrontation in the back of the church. Priscilla and I decided to leave because it just seemed like I was causing to much trouble in that church. Maybe about two weeks after we left we seriously began to discuss marriage. I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and wasn’t ashamed of it. We just decided to get married at the court house and find a new place to worship that didn’t know either of us. We did get married and started looking for a place to worship.

ConversationswitCoyfee: How are things going so far?

B-Fade: We are expecting a baby anytime now and our relationship is transitioning. We went thru some marital struggles that begin to tear the fabric of our marriage apart. When the pressure of the institution of marriage began we started a aggressive search for a ministry. My wife wanted to belong to a family; a place to worship. I was looking for a ministry that reminded me of the old church. So we continued to search but I began to fall backwards. Things were really difficult and I began drinking again. I honestly believe it is because of the pressure, the absence of the support of a church family and we were experiencing financial delay. She was angry with me because I had gotten a DUI. I was upset with her and sat in the car. I fell asleep after drinking. Someone called the police because I was asleep in a parking lot and they gave me a DUI. Mind you I was not drinking while driving but just sleeping after drinking. They gave me a DUI anyway.

So she went back to our old church and feeling scare of what was going on with me. She confided in them and told everything that was going on with me. She requested counseling for us and she had attended a couple of services.
Before I knew we were there worshiping as a married couple. But we were still getting dirty looks and stuff. Then they began to prophesy things from the pulpit and this made it uncomfortable for her. After that my ex-wife would show up and my wife just decided to just leave permanently.

It became so difficult for us to hold it together that we thought it was best to separate for a season. I didn’t have any where to go so I moved in with a close friend and his family. His name is QHeem. I began to visit QHeem’s church. I had set up ground rules for how my wife and I should handle things after we reconciled but then we had to move into a shelter. We had to vacate our apartment. We were only at the shelter for one night. I continued to attend QHeem’s church and continued to pray for strength and direction. Later that week we moved into a huge house with seven bedrooms where each one was rented to a different tenant. My wife and I got the master bedroom.

I contemplated giving up on my family but did not. Please pray for us as I receive treatment for the disease that has plagued me on and off for most of my adult life, Alcoholism.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This just in: Priscilla and Andre AKA B-Fade are embracing life as a married couple and giving all of us the imagine of Christ and His Bride ….Which is filled with Forgiveness …Celebrate B’s restoration and his redemption<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Check back often for the Status updates on the Birth of the Baby!!!
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This has been the story of B-Fade’s life before and after Christ. We hope it has encouraged you to get up and try it again. If you are struggling with any of these problems and would like prayer, please email me and one of us will be happy to pray with you..If you would like to recieve Christ please email one of us and we will be happy to contact you for prayer..

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ConversationswitCoyfee presents Mahagony Jones’ Morphed-Music Review

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A Music Review of Mahogany Jones’ Morphed

I wanted to share a muisc review found on  The Oracle Magazine. This young lady has an amazing sound and I wanted to share her with you.was submited by a young writer named Malachi.  Please read below as he expresses the elation brought on by Mahogany Jones’s CD “Morphed“. Aftr sampling it, i know you will feel the same way. I did.


This music review was written by Malachi submitted on

 I can make one guarantee here: You’re not expecting this CD. It’ll catch you off guard whether you’re familiar with its artist, Mahogany Jones, or you’ve never before heard her name. And when will this realization begin to sink in? The minute you scope the cover art: There she is, Mo Jones tuned into the sounds of a flashy headset, eyes closed, lids painted, pleasant expression; and laid over this cover are words in a font that is a cross between art deco and funk era. They read “Mahogany Jones” and the title of the CD: “Morphed.”

Then there’s another unexpected surprise. You’ll load your CD player (or download to your mp3) with music from this talented and proven hip hop artist … but the first thing you’ll hear will be … wait a second! That sounds like techno! Electronic? Disco-ish? What’s going on? I told you so. But don’t worry. I didn’t completely ruin it for you. Hearing is believing in this case; and nothing that I can write will cause you to entirely snoop these sounds. That is, not until you cop this project yourself.

As you sit back and let each of the tracks from this album rush over you, it’s likely you’ll experience an astonishing sense of satisfaction. Morphed is music. Good music with a seldom-touched message, hot vocals, superior production and gifted lyricism. If you’re able to deconstruct the categories you may have that define music genres and not determine your ability to enjoy songs based on their adherence to those genres, you’ll love this album. And the irresistible sounds of Morphed will gain heavy rotation in your music player.

As is deftly communicated in its introductory track, this project is an effort to divulge Mo’s transformation from a non-Christian to a convert, and an immature believer to a more mature one. In other words, she’s “Morphed” from one being to another and, in fact, she’s still morphing. In so doing, this first official Mahogany Jones solo release encompasses all kinds of tracks that deal with assorted topics in no particular order. It seems it’s up to the listener to determine the proper sequence of thoughts and events, and how they’ve played into the life of the artist.

“Easy,” for example, digs into the near-insanity survived by folks who wrestle with the challenges of human love. Encased by BeeLee’s creative tempo, the song follows Mo Jones’ signature exhaled delivery, consistently punctuated by the beautiful voices of Chris Lawson and Aisha Johnsie:

Easy come / easy go / but it’s not that easy though / when you think / when you think that you’re in love so // take your time / take it / slow / ‘cause God wants to show you / real love / real love

Another illustration is the incessant attempt to show that part of the morphing process was Ms. Jones’ departure from using her artistry according to the expectations of others to rhyming & making music in concert with her own personal style. This is displayed throughout the album, but one lyrical segment in particular shows off Mahogany’s ability to mention concepts, ideas, and terms you don’t normally see in hip hop lyrics: “Let me get that techno, disco, hip hop, bee bop, neo-soul / merengue, calypso, reggaeton, blues, jazz, Afrobeat … it can all be Gospel.” “Afrobeat”? From the H.E.R. Project through The Gathering, I must admit that Mo Jones never fails to display her knack for pulling many aspects of human existence into her rhymes. Including names of international music many hip hop heads have never even heard of.

A third example of the assortment of tunes revealing this artist’s transformation is “Hate this Life.” Mo Jones introduces this song this way: “You know, some mornings I wonder am I actually living in someone else’s dream. And if so, I wish they’d wake up. ‘Cause sometimes … life really sucks.” After giving a taste of the hook, which will only fully unfold at the end of the song, Mo Jones spits over a sharp array of strings and an undeniable bass. The agonizing chorus at the end is bound to have anyone who has ever been through anything nodding in agreement by the time it’s all over.

These and, frankly, every last one of the tunes on display in Morphed are well worth a listen. This album is exceptional to the point that even its questionable attributes are muffled by redeeming qualities. For instance, Mahogany Jones’ vocals sometimes sink and are hard to hear, plus there are times she seems a bit out of breath and is rushing to catch up with the tempo. But much of this is related to her personal style and unique delivery. At times she spits with a bit of a pant involved and her accent includes points where the ends of words come out low. That’s simply the way Mahogany Jones spits, for better or worse. Also, her vocals on this album are simply not as rugged as many fans are used to from this artist. But again, this project exchanges ruggedness for passion; moreover, Mo’s ability to rap over these largely electronic tracks is noteworthy. It’s also noticeable that though a lot of Christian elements are mentioned (including repentance, prayer, and God’s Word), there’s arguably no clear explanation about why Christ is necessary or why He’s simply not one option over many. Nevertheless, the fact that this album could easily drive someone to further investigation about sin, its wages, and God’s plan can’t go unnoticed.

Morphed is an amazing effort on the part of Mahogany Jones, her producers (especially Temple and I-Ron-ic-Lee), and other contributing artists. The lyrics niftily present broad concepts combined with Mo’s trademark inflection, the sound quality is superb, the singers are head and shoulders beyond typical vocalists found on hip hop CDs, the interludes are fantastic, and, ironically, the persistent bass screams “hip hop” all the way through (you’ll be delighted if you have a quality set of subs).

So, if you’re interested in expanding your horizons with a different sound and want transparent subject-matter, Morphed won’t disappoint. You’ll be glad you copped this CD and got on board Mahogany Jones’ journey as she becomes who God designed.

Talk2Me..Tell me what you think about Morphed. Please leave me comments.