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The important people at The Oracle were tossing around the idea of adding a fashion segment to our already amazing publication. The decision was finally made and we decided to do I began brainstorming ideas about fashions. I pondered what fashions to feature first. Could I do a fashion segment on weddings? Of course, Weddings it would be..Which designer would I feature first? Well, I really wasn’t sure where to start but based on my love of Soulful and Afrocentric designs, a search began..Doing a search for Afrocentric designers took me on an exciting experience of romance and culture, a site that displays fun bright reflections of culture.

Please allow me to introduce you to Cassandra Bromfield. A designer that is as at home as apple pie and as warm as hot chocolate. I was completely at awe when we spoke she shared her thoughts on marriage. She spoke of her desire for the bride to host a cultural event not just another wedding.


Who is Cassandra Bromfield? She is only one of the most amazing designers of formal and wedding gowns. It would be robbery not to also include that many of designs are considered Afrocentric and multi-cultural. She is one hot designer. take a look a design which dates back to 1994. This design though not a current work but definitely a favorite of mine. The style is timeless and would add a sense of elegance to any event not only a wedding.

Cassandra Bromfield’s creative, traditional and African American Inspired Designs Have graced the pages of some of the top bridal and fashion magazines including The New York Times Fashion Sunday, Bride’s, Essence, and Black Elegance magazine. It is important to mention that she does formal wear with the same flare of elegance. Take a look at the gown she designed for Ruby Dee. One of the most amazing African American women on the big screen..


This creation was designed for the one and only Ruby Dee. In the words of Cassandra ..”Her gown of 4ply silk with an embroidered lace and with bronze colored pearls, mother of pearl leaf beads and amber quartz beads embellish her bias cut gown”. What an honor to design the gown to be worn by The Ruby Dee…An American Hero..


Cassandra stated in a jokingly manner that she began designing dresses for her Barbie Dolls on an old singer sewing machine that her mother had given her. She developed a loving creation of Unique Bridal Gowns, African American inspired wedding dresses and special event couture. Her dresses evolved into a melange of European and Afrocentric bridal gown elegance.


Bromfield’s wedding dresses feature both ethnic and custom bridal quality and detail. Much of her work includes patchwork and cowry shells. Her works of design art reflect a deep understanding of International fashion imbued with her cultural heritage.


She encourages her brides to add special touches to the special custom bridal or bridal gown. For instance, fabric from a mother’s wedding dress, buttons from a loved ones garment, antique handkerchiefs, or old coins can help give your dress more profound meaning.


Bromfield’s wedding dress and bridal designs range from African American wedding dress designs… like patchwork detail couture, an elegant silk taffeta halter dress topped with a satin faced organza duster with delicate French cuffs, to a sophisticated matte-jersey creation that gracefully drapes the body. Her dresses offer an option for those who want bridal gowns steeped in culture and want an option for the tradition al European or African wedding dress. Below are somebeatuiful examples..


The design below has a personality of it’s own. Imagine if you will a beautiful summer day where you and your life partner are about to embark on a life full of love and romance. There is nothing more beautiful than a wedding ceremony by the sea. This Chantilly Lacetop of silk organza is hand tye dyed and enchanting. Whether you are doing an ethnic – afrocentric or contemporary wedding theme this couture dress is appropriate.


Cassandra draws inspiration from museums collections, books, memorabilia, and family. A recent design theme of hers is soul food. Bromfield reflects “Just as soul food is a mixture of things that our people considered valuable, these designs are a assortment of fabrics, textures, and patterns with hand painting, hand beading, glass, antique beads, and pieces of lace”.


The below gown exudes sumptuous elegance on a wedding day, with this exquisite cocoa satin faced organza bridal gown. Daring and breathtaking, this gown will make a fashion statement both coming and going in your wedding party. Your groom will be anxious to start the honeymoon. Check this one out!



Did you like Cassandra’s designs? Want to create a special day unlike any other..visit her website @ We hope you enjoyed The Oracle’s first Fashion Segment. Please tell us what you think.
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