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ConversationswitCoyfee presents A Man’s version of The Dating Game

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Hello Ladies!

I have the newest email from Chrisitian Carter. He speaks about the type of men that we attract. I must be honest that I often feel like this alot. I could be in a room with 100 guys. They could all be from different backgrounds all good guys except one. I would be drawn to that one.  So I am checking out what he has to say. Well I must admit it can’t hurt..So check it out and let us know about your successes…

This is Coyfee signing off…

Stop Attracting The Wrong Men

Tired of being single and not having the kind
of love in your life you know is possible?

How would you like to hear about the quickest
and easiest way to meet a great guy, know that
he’s truly good “relationship material” for you,
and start a new relationship that could end up
being the one that lasts forever?

If you’re looking to finally find the right kind
of man, while at the same time making sure you
end your own pattern of wasting your time with
all the wrong guys… then it’s time you made
good use of your energy. The very best way to
find and attract the right man to you starting
today is right here: Hey, 

 I’m going to throw out a few
situations that come up with men that you might
be wondering how to handle.

    Then I’m going to show you what to do in
these situations.

    Let’s get started…

    Here are some of the most common questions,
statements, and scenarios that women I’ve talked
to and helped in my seminars and programs talk

    See if you identify with any of these:

-“I don’t have a problem meeting men, but I
seem to attract all the WRONG GUYS. Why is this?”

-“I’ve been hurt before, and I don’t feel like
getting back out there and dating again. How do
I get myself to a place where I can open up to
a man again and go about this?”

-“I’d love to be with a great guy and enjoy a
close and loving relationship… but there don’t
seem to be any good single guys around. Where can
I meet a genuinely good guy?”

-“The moment I finally do see or meet a great
guy, I get nervous and uncertain and I don’t
really know what to do or say to get his
attention and interest. What should I do, and
how do I know if a guy is interested?”

-“I’ve heard that other women have met their
boyfriends or husbands online, but online dating
is not for me.” Or… “I tried online dating and
it didn’t work for me.”

    Let’s get right to the first scenario and
the question that goes along with it-

Scenario #1:

    “I don’t have a problem meeting men, but I
seem to attract all the WRONG GUYS. Why is this?”

    If I had a nickel for every time a woman
shared this experience with me… then I’d be
VERY well off.

    The fascinating part is that almost every
woman who shares this experience seems to believe
she’s one of the only “unlucky” women around
who has this problem.

    Meanwhile… TONS of other women have this
exact same problem of dating all the “wrong

    What’s going on here?

    Let’s break the situation down and take a
closer look.

    I’ll start from the very beginning…

    You meet a guy, you feel a strong level of
chemistry and connection for him, and you get
involved with him.

    Then comes your first mistake-

    Only AFTER THE FACT, once you’ve already
become sexual and intimate with him, do you
start to find out who he REALLY IS and what

    He wants his “freedom.”


    He’s not looking for a “serious relationship”
right now.


    “It’s not you, it’s him. He’s just not ready.”

    Of course, hearing this AFTER you’ve already
spent time with a man, become intimate, and grown
more and more ATTACHED to him is a total WHACK
upside the head for you.

    I’m betting at least one of these reasons a
man can give for NOT wanting to be with you
sounds strangely familiar.

    If you’ve had this happen to you with a man,
and perhaps had it happen more than once… the
question is how come this kind of thing is so
common with men?

    How come a man will PULL AWAY even when you
really hit it off and there’s a great relationship
right in front of you both?

    And why do so many men so often use these same

    Is it because men really and truly are

    Or is there something else going on?

    Something a little deeper than a man suddenly
pulling away out of fear, or for no good reason
at all.

    I’m going to suggest to you that there is
in fact something else going on at a deeper level.

    The best place to start is to address the
idea or belief that way too many men are afraid
of relationships.

    I have a very different perspective on this
than you might have heard before.

    I DON’T believe that men are afraid of real

    Not at all.

    I believe that men simply don’t care much
about relationships until they feel and experience
that intense flood of EMOTIONS that takes over
their body and mind.

    And that flood of feelings and emotions that
takes over a man’s thoughts and desires, and is
capable of literally causing a man to do a
complete 180 degree turn away from his prior
wants and beliefs, is commonly referred to as

    Of course, when I’m talking about this kind
of powerful and transformative force… I’m not
just talking about your run of the mill “Physical

    A man can experience that 3 times a day
simply by laying eyes on a woman.

    This kind of Physical Attraction has very
little to do with WHY a man will want a REAL
RELATIONSHIP with a woman (although it is also a
necessary component).

    In other words, there’s something else a man
must experience with a woman that goes DEEPER

    And if you don’t know what this other thing
is, how it works, and how to create it inside a
man once you’re getting to know each other and
“dating”… then it’s going to be VERY DIFFICULT
for a close, loving, and lasting relationship to
come together.

    To put it bluntly, without this “other level
of attraction”… a man just isn’t going to feel
it for you in a way that will have him pursuing
you for more and wanting to get even closer to

    Instead, he’ll simply be satisfied with
spending time here and there with you on a
“casual” basis… and he won’t have much interest
or desire to get much closer to you in love and
a relationship.

    This is how a man works.

    If he doesn’t FEEL IT with you… then no
amount of TALKING to him about opening up or
COMMITTMENT is going to move things along.

    In fact, if you try and talk your way into
a relationship with a man “logically”… odds
are it’s going to completely BACKFIRE and he’s
going to become increasingly DISTANT and
eventually pull away altogether.

    You’ve seen this happen before.

    Don’t keep making the same mistake so many
other women make trying to CONVINCE a man to
engage in a relationship… when the only way
a man truly gets involved and STAYS with a woman
is when the emotional experiences he’s having
with a woman (the deeper attraction) tells him
that this is the one woman for him.

    Luckily, if you don’t have the right man in
your life right now, and you don’t know how
this “other attraction” works, I’ve got some

    I’ve taken the time to put together an entire
in-depth program that shows you what this “other”
deeper and more intense and lasting attraction
is… and I show you exactly how it works and
how to create it with the man in your life.

    You can learn all about that “other attraction”
that will keep a man both physically AND
emotionally bonded to you and get free tips on
how this works right here: 

    And if you’re single and just starting off
with “dating” and meeting new men… it’s a
whole different situation than when you’re
already with a man and you want to take the
attraction and connection between you to the
next level.

    In that case, you need to know how to find,
identify, and capture the RIGHT MAN’S attention
and interest… and then you need to know how
the dating process works with a man.

    Once you learn all this, moving from first
meeting to the first few dates to a growing
and thriving relationship becomes easy… as
you know all the steps along the way and can
easily move from one to the next with the man
in your life.

    Don’t let the common “traps” that other women
fall into with dating get in your way.

    For the ultimate guide to meeting a great
guy and getting things started off right, and
to get to the very bottom of the things that
keep getting in your way of creating a truly
loving and lasting relationship from the start…
you need to check out my “Meeting The One”

    In the letter I’ve written with all the
details and samples from this program, I share
the single most important thing you need to
know as a single woman dating a man that will
INSTANTLY TURN OFF the right man and cause him
to suddenly pull away.

    If you don’t know what this is, and why so
many women make this same mistake, then you’re
bound to keep messing things up and pushing the
man who could be the right one for you away.

    Go to the link below to learn this, along
with exactly what it is you can say and do that
will quickly have a man knowing you’re “the one”
for him and carrying your relationship forward
in a fun and easy way for you.

    Don’t wait. Go here now: 

    Oh… and if you’re single and having
a hard time meeting good guys…

    Then I want to share with you the absolute
quickest and easiest way to find a great guy,
make sure he’s true “relationship material”,
and start to connect with him on a deeper level
right away.

    It’s right here:






ConversationswitCoyfee presents A Man’s Version Of the Dating Game (part2)

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Hi Ladies,

This is Coyfee. I have Christian Carter’s new email listed below to help you identify and attract a great guy.  Hope it helps you..Send us your success stories..I am sure Christian will love to here about it. Well ladies enjoy and good luck..

2 Sure-Fire Ways To Identify & Attract A Great Guy

If you’ve ever wondered about what draws a man in to connect deeply with a woman early so he can’t help but want to see her again (for more than just a fling) then keep reading… I’m about to share secrets about meeting and ATTRACTING great men that some women know but won’t tell you, or can’t explain.  You’re also about to hear insights into how attraction, dating, and relationships honestly work for men, and what to do about it.     Here we go…

Have you ever noticed that just talking to men for the first time, getting to know each other, and exchanging contact information can turn into some kind of impossible puzzle or “game?”    And the more you think about it or about trying new things, the more you just want to avoid the whole thing? It’s frustrating and annoying, right?  Does it have to be so much work? Can’t we both just be ourselves and get past all the tricks, games, etc.?

Well, the truth is, it doesn’t have to be such an ordeal and seem like such a game…if, and only if, you know how attraction works for a man.  I’ll repeat that. It doesn’t have to be a game IF, and only if, you know how attraction works for HIM.

Notice that I didn’t say how attraction works for YOU.     Have you ever thought about how attraction actually works for men, and how it could be different than how it works for you? Well, then let me ask you… Do you know what makes the difference between a man flirting and perhaps feeling some “physical attraction” for you, and a man who becomes almost INSTANTLY CONNECTED and attracted to you on a deeper physical AND emotional level?

I’ll give you a minute to think about the question… Got it yet? Give up? The thing is, lots of women THINK they know how things SHOULD WORK with men, but their idea or “strategy” just hasn’t seemed to work out so well
in their long, and sometimes disappointing, relationship history. And the crazier part is that most women never really change their ideas or “strategies” on how they go about finding and creating love, connection, and commitment in their lives with men, even when they just aren’t working.

So how can YOU change your ideas and “strategies” to find and create a strong love connection that really LASTS? I’ll share the answer with you in just a minute, but first I’d like to talk about HOW ATTRACTION WORKS around first impressions and early on in the “casual dating” stage.

Then we’ll look at the “deeper” kind of attraction a man can feel for a woman and talk about some specific “how-to’s” that will instantly take your love life to a more fun, resistance-free level as you and a man get closer and closer.


Have you had several relationships fall apart in the past, the same way with different men? And when it happened, did you start to think that all men have a common set of problems or “issues” that they can’t see for themselves, let alone do anything about? Well, if you recognize this, then odds are you’ve also had that fear and doubt in the back of your mind that there was also something wrong with YOU here, not just with him. And, unfortunately, you also blamed yourself for some of HIS problems and shortcomings.

    Ouch! Don’t go to that negative place.

The truth is that you’re not alone, and the good news is that it doesn’t take months or years of therapy to find your own understanding of how things REALLY work with men, and to stop being so hard on yourself about it.     And it doesn’t take months of intense schooling or training to change your love life for the better and get back to that open, connected, loving place with a man – a place that you know is there for you. Let’s talk about how things often work in those first encounters between men and women, and what’s going on underneath the surface here… becausefirst impressions are VERY IMPORTANT. Why? The short explanation is that men make almost INSTANT JUDGMENTS about how they feel about a woman right when they first meet them.

Everything that happens after a man has a first impression of a woman logged in his mind gets “filtered” through that impression, and it colors almost everything he sees and feels. So what impression are you making?   Do you know?  And what impression is THE BEST ONE to make?   Let’s start with the basics and look at the situation early on when a man asks a woman for her number.

When this happens for a man, it generally means one of several things:  “I think you’re interesting enough to see again and find out if I could be attracted to you…” (not feeling much attraction or connection yet, but curious)” I had a great time talking and I’d like to do it again sometime…” (likes the conversation and attention, but he doesn’t “feel it” yet, even though there’s a “logical” or rational connection or bond with things in common) – “I’m physically attracted to you, and I want to hook up with you, but I haven’t really thought about anything else it might lead to or mean for me…” (feeling just a physical attraction, with no thoughts or conscious intentions beyond getting
physical) – “I feel attracted to you, and maybe “something more”… so I want to see you again to explore these feelings and find out what you’re really all about…” (feeling both a physical attraction AND a deeper connection)

Any of these look familiar in hindsight?

Well, for women who are in a place where they want a real, loving, lasting relationship, it’s important to know what a man is thinking early on and where he’s already at from the start.    NOT finding this out is one of the biggest
mistakes that women make because they invest a TON of their precious time and energy with a guy who has no plans for having a deeper, loving, lasting relationship.    So… you may want to read that last sentence again — it’s ESSENTIAL to achieving success in the next relationship you start with a man.

Here are some quick communication tips for you to think about and use early on with men to help identify the good guys from the ones that don’t have a clue:

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

    So many times I hear women talk about how they don’t ever want to come off as needy, “-itchy,”  pushy, etc. with guys.  And often times, women will say something like, I don’t want to scare him off…”   Two things are important to know here about asking questions and finding out the “real deal” early on:

A. Only IMMATURE men who already have fears and resistance to commitment and relationships will actually get “scared off” IF a woman asks questions in a mature, playful, and conversational way.

The upside here is that emotionally mature and open guys will be drawn in, not pushed away. In fact, direct questions, communicated in the right way, are THE KEY to figuring out what kind of guy you’re dealing with – plus they provide you with all kinds of answers about the man’s real character and mindset by his response.  But some women refuse to believe that men can communicate on this open level because of their experience. I want you to go back to the sentence above about immature men. And now I want you to notice the “IF” there… “IF a woman asks questions in a MATURE… way.” It makes all the difference. So often we get caught up in our own perspective, or dealing with and breaking through resistance and fear, that we don’t realize how much it affects our own subtle communication. (Think body language, voice tone and pattern, heart rate, etc.)

B. Context is EVERYTHING

Have you ever noticed that you can say almost anything and have it mean almost anything, just by changing the look on your face when you say it, the tone of your voice, or the emotional state you’re in? It’s fascinating to watch men and women communicate, because up to 90 percent of the things we learn and identify about each other happens through silent, indirect communication. But sometimes you don’t get the whole story, right? Exactly. So it’s important to be able to ask questions to find out what you need to know.  Like whether he’s genuinely ATTRACTED to you, or if he’s just a player looking for a quick connection… and then he’s “out.”    One great question I’ve heard women ask men is, “What kind of woman do you respect?”    Asking this question in a playful way sets the right tone for a man to respond in a way that creates attraction without putting a man “on the spot.” This not only challenges a man in a playful way, but makes him think and will teach you a lot by how he responds.    But remember, the CONTEXT of your communication is the key… If you say that, and it’s all about an “agenda,” such as finding the love of your life in your first meeting at a bar…, then I promise it’s not going to go over well.    (But you already knew that… wink wink)    On the flipside, if what you’re indirectly and silently communicating is that your questions are about fun, learning, and most importantly –CREATING ATTRACTION, then the man will keep FEELING that connection to you, and respond in kind.

2. Learn What Actually CREATES ATTRACTION For HIM

There are several key “attitudes” and mindsets that men are naturally and magnetically drawn to and seek out in women that they like to spend their time with.  When men interact with a woman and they see and FEEL these attitudes and “ways of being,” they become instantly attracted… and often don’t even know why.  In fact, many times they can’t help but want to commit to something more serious with these women, even if they didn’t consciously want more coming into the relationship. Let me share with you one of the secrets of how ATTRACTION works for men… One of the most undeniably attractive attitudes or qualities for men is when a woman is
UNPREDICTABLE. I don’t mean unpredictable in that she might lose control emotionally and get irritated, upset, frustrated, etc. with him or with anyone else around her.  No. That would actually be a turn-OFF for most
healthy men…    The unpredictability I’m talking about is being playful, challenging, and creating intrigue.

 In my “Catch Him & Keep Him” ebook I devoted an entire chapter to this very subject. Take a look  at Chapter 7, titled “How To Attract Men.”  In this chapter I not only outline the physical AND behavioral traits that most men are looking for, but I also describe the attributes that DRIVE A MAN AWAY.  

The way that YOU answer questions in that initial conversation with a man can also TRIGGER attraction. A great example is when a man asks, “So, what do you do?”    Here’s the boring, PREDICTABLE response that might seem very “nice” and appropriate, but doesn’t create attraction: “I’m an accountant and I run spreadsheets to calculate P&L.” Or, “I do PR, and I work with so and so clients who had me create a campaign about blah blah blah…” But wait… these are interesting things about you as a person that someone should know about and value, right? Yes, but guess what? Predictable responses make for great conversation to get to know each other – if you want to be JUST FRIENDS.  And yes, your career might be great and say important things about you, but you’ve got to realize that it doesn’t make a man FEEL ATTRACTION for you.  Just like it’s not a man’s career that makes him attractive… it’s his personality, the chemistry you share, and WHY he does the things he does.

    Following me here?

Good.  So instead, find a way to keep him guessing…Tell him some made-up career that’s ridiculous, silly, obviously untrue, and lets him know you’re having fun with him.    In case you didn’t realize it, men will have MUCH more fun trying to GUESS and think about what you really do, rather then just hearing it from you right away.   If you think about the animal kingdom, the female of the species usually selects her mate by either accepting or rejecting the male’s advances and courtship behaviors.    The same pattern has gone on with humans for hundreds and thousands of years.  By “playing the courtship game” with a man, you are appealing to deeply ingrained patterns within him — things that he is not even consciously aware of.

For example, if you’re at a bar, tell him “I’m a social scientist doing research here to uncover how ‘beer-goggles’ really work on men.”    And then you say, with a wry smile on your face as you look at him in a playful and fake suspicious way, “How many drinks have YOU had?”  Guess what? A guy will know exactly what you’re doing and JUMP into the fun with you… and he’ll probably even make up a silly joke career of his own to kind of challenge you back and take things up a notch.   And now you’ve got a fun, engaging connection… instead of a predictable, emotionally unengaging, and rational conversation about your real jobs.    There’s plenty of time later to get to those
things by the way and cover the predictable life stuff. But if a man doesn’t FEEL ATTRACTION from the start, on a deep emotional level, then everything else will be more difficult and move slowly (if at all) with him.    Create the attraction first, and everything else will follow.


So I’ve given you some quick tips on how attraction works, and some basic “how-to’s” to think about for first impressions and early on.    But we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg about how men really think and feel when it comes to dating.    This is by no means all “the goods.” In fact, attraction is THE cornerstone to creating any successful relationship with a man — so much so that I created an entire program with women, for women called “Natural & Lasting Attraction.”    This program was filmed before an audience of women and we covered an AMAZING amount of material.    If you want to go quickly and easily with a man from “Hello…” to a first date.    And then from meeting up again, to talking and sharing deeper things about each other… And then from physical attraction to a more lasting “emotional attraction”…

And end up all the way to him saying, “I have to tell you, something. I think I love you…”  Without dealing with all the mishaps, tension, doubts, resistance, uncertainty, etc., that most women experience along the way because the man in their life isn’t “sure” about the way they feel about them… then you need to check out this program right now. You can watch some free video clips and hear some of the women who’ve already worked with the amazing material tell you about the benefits that they got by going to the link below.

    You’ll be AMAZED by what you hear and learn:





ConversationswitCoyfee presents A Man’s Version Of the Dating Game

In A man's Version of the Dating Game, Dating and the Single Woman, How to successfully date, women talk on July 21, 2009 at 2:03 am

What If He Doesn’t Call

I was browsing a online dating site and ran across this piece. I must admit it was an interesting read.  So I thought I would share it with you.  Let me know how you feel about..

The author’s name is Christian Carter. I have included his links below. Check out his site. What if he is right? What if Carter’s concept really works..then it could really shed light on the mysterious “Man”. I know from experience the mysterious “Man” has confused me along the way. Guys often say we(women) are confusing..most of them(guys) never studied themselves..Smile

Let me know if you would like more info on dating and single life?

On to Carter’s advice..Coyfee signing off..  


Note: When a man doesn’t call you much, or he
stops calling altogether, he’s sending a clear
message about his feelings and about what he
thinks of you. But most women don’t know what
this message means… and what to do about it.
If you’ve dated a man and he suddenly stopped
calling after a few great dates, and you didn’t
know what to do about it, then read THIS: 

Ever wonder why the man you’re dating and
having an amazing time with doesn’t call you
very often?

 Or worse… stops calling altogether?

If you’ve ever had this happen to you with
a man, then you know how FRUSTRATING it can
be when a man just suddenly stops calling
for what seems like no good reason…

And you’ve spent more time than you’d like
to admit wondering what happened and what YOU
might have done wrong.

Most women in this situation fall into a
kind of trap that seems to work against them…

 Instead of recognizing that the man not
calling is an important signal in of itself,
they become obsessed with wanting to know what
he’s thinking and WHY he’s acting this way.

But most women also know on an intuitive
level that coming out and actually asking a
man why he’s acting this way wouldn’t bring
about anything good.

And guess what?

Their intuition is right.

With most men in this situation, if you
want to connect with a man and grow closer,
then the answer is NOT to try and get him to
talk about his thoughts and feelings.

It’s time you learned what it really means
if a man isn’t calling… and what to do
about it to quickly “turn the tables” in your
favor so that he’s the one calling and asking
you out.

I’ll share this with you, but first I want
you to read this email I got recently from a
reader about this exact kind of situation.


First of all I think you are great and have
learned a lot from reading your book. I am
divorced and have been dating a widower for about
a month. We get together once or twice a week – I
don’t expect more than that – as he lives about
half an hour away from me. Our dates are great and
there is a definite physical attraction on both
sides. My problem is that in-between dates I don’t
hear from him. I know that he works hard and is
bringing up 3 children on his own – but how long
does it take to pick up the phone and ask me how
I am? Am I asking too much? Is it too soon to
expect anything? I don’t want to complain and
frighten him off, as I really like him. What do
you suggest?

Looking forward to hearing from you
R.J. from Illinois


Ok, let me get the facts straight here…

You’ve been out with a man for an entire
month. (Not long at all, and effectively NO
TIME in a man’s mind)

You’ve seen each other once or twice a week
or so for 3-4 whole weeks. (Not even enough for
a man to see you as “dating”)

    And you know he is busy and raising three
young children on his own. (His attention and
focus is admittedly elsewhere.)

But in just a few dates you’ve already become
disappointed and “bothered” by the way he’s
being… and you’re wishing he would CHANGE.


This is bad for YOU, and for him.

The approach and mindset you have right now
is almost guaranteed to make this man see you
as too demanding and “needy” to want to be with
you, when it’s just a few weeks in.

So I hope you haven’t started talking
about all your feelings of disappointment with
him yet.. because it wouldn’t go over well
with the way you’re looking at things.

But here’s the worst part of all this…

You already have my eBook and you’re still
asking me for the “easy” answer on this, as
though there is some magic pill I can give you
that will make a man act the way you want or
expect him to be.

I’d like to be able to lie and tell you
that I could change a man for you.

But I can’t… and you know it.

The truth is, I’ve only got YOU to work
with… and you’ve only got YOUR OWN thinking
and your own behavior that you can use to
make a difference.

It’s time you started thinking about how
you can take RESPONSIBILITY for creating the
RESPONSE you want in a man…

Instead of sitting around frustrated that
he hasn’t met YOUR EXPECTATIONS you have for
him. (Especially when he doesn’t even know
what these are.)

You need to open up my eBook and go to
page 32. There I want you to read the section
called “Initial Thoughts” at least twice
and think about what’s going on there.

I want you to think about the 2 types
of people I talk about… and the kind of
“magic mindset” that’s going to help you
naturally start creating great situations
in your life.

Then I want you to think about how this
relates to the idea of COMMUNICATING with
a man in a way that creates ATTRACTION
inside of him.

As opposed to communicating with a man in
the way that KILLS the attraction he might
be feeling for you.

Once you’ve thought about this, I want
you to go to page 36 and read the section
on “How To Be Honest About What You Want.”

Pay attention here to the 4 important
questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE
you get involved with a man, or start talking
about your relationship with him.

And make sure you learn and understand
what I call “a unique habit of happy people.”

If you could apply this one simple habit
to your love life, I know it would immediately
give back to you the kind of understanding
and satisfaction you’re seeking but not meant
to get yet from the man you’re dating. (Hint –
there’s a reason why you and he aren’t totally
“connecting” yet, and it’s NOT all about him.)

 And by the way, you can download a free
trial copy of my eBook at the link below right
now, and be reading it in just a few minutes

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Now, you’ve also asked a great question in
your email…

 “Am I asking for too much from him?”

Simply put – YES. You’re asking for too
much because you shouldn’t be ASKING HIM for
what you want and then hoping that he “meets
your demands.”

This is a LOSING APPROACH that will 100%
guarantee that a man won’t want to give you
what you’re looking for.


Well, it’s not because you actually are
asking for too much.

It’s OK to know that you’d like a man in
your life who you’re involved with to call
you more.

But this isn’t about whether this is ok
for you to ask for.

No. This is all about THE WAY you ask,
and the emotions and expectations a man will
see that you’re holding onto when you open
your mouth and you’ve been going through a
whole lot of disappointment and frustration
with him… while he’s thinking that you’ve
been out on a few fun dates and everything is
fine and dandy.


Here’s something you might not have thought

Men often communicate and show their
feelings in less “direct” ways than simply
saying and expressing how the feel.

In fact, most men are a whole lot more
conscious of DOING things than they are of
how they effect and relate to others on an
emotional level.

So… when a man doesn’t call, it’s often
NOT an indication of something else going on
for him that he might want to talk to you

Often times it’s simply an indication that
he doesn’t actually FEEL like spending more
time around you.

So he simply doesn’t call.

In other words, when it comes to men and
dating, it’s best to look at a man’s ACTIONS
how they really feel inside.

As a woman, you can probably spin your
wheels dreaming up all kinds of incredible
and elaborate ideas and scenarios for why
a man isn’t calling and what it means about
his feelings and your situation.

 But, if you’re interested in doing more
than analyzing and trying to figure out things
in your own mind… then it’s best to “read”
the men you’re dating early on by what they
DO… and NOT what they SAY.

 Which means… a man not calling you often,
or at all, is an important signal in and of

 If a man is spending time with a woman
he “likes”, but he isn’t sure if he would want
much more than a few casual dates with her…
then here’s what he does…

He only calls her every once in a while to
keep the “connection” open… making sure not
to let the connection die, but also making
sure not to spend too much time with a woman
or show her too many signs of interest that
might indicate he’d want a more serious

And yes, some men actually think this way
and are CONSCIOUS about NOT CALLING women
very often if they don’t want things to get
more serious.

While other men who don’t call are usually
doing this inadvertently as they’re going
about their life and not thinking much about
wanting more with a woman.

Here’s what you need to take away from
all this…

If a man isn’t calling and you’d like him
to call more and to grow in your relationship
together, it really doesn’t matter WHY.

The only things that matter are if he’s
not calling because he’s not interested in a
relationship with you ever.


If  he’s not calling because he’s just not
feeling “that way” for you YET.

Which begs the question – how do you get
a man feeling “that way” for you if he’s not
feeling it yet?

Well, for starters, you need to STOP doing
the things that will promise that a man WON’T
feel it for you.


Or getting upset and hurt that he hasn’t
called when there’s no “relationship” yet,
and it’s just YOUR EXPECTATION that he SHOULD
call more.

Or generally taking on any other needy,
clingy, or overly emotional behaviors that
will have a man thinking you’d be nothing
but a pain if he was to get to know you and
involved in a real relationship with you.

What you need to do instead is to start
to learn the behaviors that create the
feeling of ATTRACTION inside a man.

Why attraction?

Because attraction is the one thing that
will “override” all the logical reasons a
man has for NOT wanting to get involved with
a woman or stay single…

 And will take over his “emotional world”
and have him thinking and acting from his
EMOTIONS with you… instead of his “logical
mind” that will often try to RESIST a woman
and a real committed relationship.

The very best way there is to learn how
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Or when he loses his physical interest in
you and you know your not “connecting” the
way you used to… and you worry he might
be thinking about or seeing another woman.

The truth is, if you learn how to keep
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Well, it is possible between you and a man.

But only if you’re willing to take the
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