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I am at awe that today that we as women are still viewed in many countries as second class citizens or even below that. Many women in third world countries are faced with the fear of being cut. What does the phrase being cut means, well it means to have the clitoris or other female parts slided away without any type of anesthisia. This age old practice is said to prevent women from loosing their virginity before marriage. However, it often causes sterilization, infection and even death.  In the great Americas, we as women are still not looked on as valuable. Please understand I am not saying that we as women should be treated exactly like men. Because we are as important as men but our God given abilities or responsibilities are truly different. My advocation is equal but different. In that I mean that women are the nurturers of the world. Why is everything out of whack because instead of healing the wounded we are on the front line. Instead of loving our children, we are working several different  jobs to make sure are children eat. Instead of teaching the younger ones we are fighting off the abusers of our souls.

 You will note that many women are still used in racing ads, boxing or fighting ads to draw a man’s attention. Have you noticed how rare it is to see semi-naked or naked man used in a woman’s make up ad. I studied a class last semester that covered female pyschology. I must add that I disagreed with a lot of the topics. When discussing issues with most men today, they think it’s fine for women to display their bodies in pornography ads or movies. However, they would not agree to their daughters being displayed. My point is that most people are a bunch of hypocrits.

When we hear of a wrong done to unsuspecting girls, girls mind you. When they are being cut and torn apart, we shutter in thought and close our eyes to the injustice done to a weaker one. They are being mutilated to preserve their virginity or so they are told. This procedure is a dreadfully painful procedure and is not done under any type of sanitation. Then the young women are sewn together to preserve them, in many cases with reeds or straws inserted to create an opening for blood/urine flow. I beg of you to find out more and partner with associations across the world to stop this age old tragedy.

 Here are a few links to give you first hand information on the subject.


Also keep in mind that many immigrants here in the Americas are mutilating their daughters for the same reasons, yes here in America. Many well known women have began to raise the awareness in hopes of making this tradition a thing of past.


Now that being said…Is Female Mutilation a Tragedy or Is it just a tradition, like male circumcision? How can we ensure that young girls are protected? Do we have the right to intervene with a countries traditions?

There are no right or wrong answers..I would love your comments..Talk2Me..