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ConversationswitCoyfee presents Strange and Unusual: Fla. Newlywed Arrested In Alleged Plot To Murder Husband

In Fla. Newlywed Arrested In Alleged Plot To Murder Husband on August 7, 2009 at 5:37 am

Well ladies this is one case that should have ended in divorce.  The bride is going to spend the rest of her life in prison(probably). I can’t imagine why she would want her husband dead accept for money or maybe he was abusive.  Neither of those two reasons seem to be mentioned below.  I can honestly state that there were times in the last marriage that I wished my ex husband would have died . However, I didn’t have the evil within me to see someone to kill him. 


Please pray for her and him(her husband).  He will need much support to trust again.  She will need prayer to heal what ever is wrong on the inside of her that pushed her to desire to kill her husband.

Fla. Newlywed Arrested In Alleged Plot To Murder Husband

By Associated Press August 6, 2009 9:10 am


Newlywed Murder Plot

A South Florida woman was arrested Wednesday for allegedly hiring an undercover police officer to kill her husband of six months, authorities said.

Dalia Dippolito, 26, was charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder and taken to the Palm Beach County jailBoynton Beach Police Department spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said. Bond had not yet been set and it was unclear if she had an attorney.

Dippolito gave an informant pictures of her husband, 38-year-old Michael Dippolito, and $1,200 for a hit man to purchase a handgun, according to a probable cause affidavit. She also offered to create an alibi for herself and detailed her husband’s daily schedule.

An undercover officer posing as a hit man called Dippolito on Monday afternoon and arranged a meeting. The officer asked for $3,000 in cash and a key to the couple’s home. The undercover officer later met Dippolito in a pharmacy parking lot and asked if she was sure she wanted her husband killed.

She laughed, according to the according to the affidavit, and said: “I will be very happy.”

Dippolito discussed getaway routes, her home’s security system, the location of her husband on Wednesday and the fee for the task, and the officer again asked if the woman was sure.

“I’m not going to change my mind,” she responded, according to the documents. “I am 5,000 percent sure I want it done. When I set my mind to something, I get it done.”

Authorities staged an elaborate crime scene outside the Dippolito home on Wednesday morning, complete with yellow crime tape and several police vehicles.

“The bottom line is, we wanted her to believe without question that when she arrived that her husband was dead,” Slater said.

Officers then contacted Dippolito at her gym and told her to come to the house. When an officer told Dippolito that her husband was dead, she broke down in tears, a video of the operation shows.

Dippolito was then taken to the Boynton Beach Police Department, where she was told of the investigation and arrested. Michael Dippolito, who was informed of the case Wednesday morning, was also at the police department, as was the undercover officer who Dalia Dippolito believed was going to kill her husband, according to a police news release.

A call to a telephone number listed for Michael Dippolito connected with a signal that sounded like a fax machine. A call to a cell phone number for Dalia Dippolito was unanswered and a message was not immediately returned.

“It seems like it just hasn’t hit him yet,” Slater said of Michael Dippolito. “But the more he thinks about it, the more things that have happened over the past couple months are starting to make sense to him.”

ConversationswitCoyfee presents A Fairy-Tale: Gulf War penpals get married after Facebook encounter 19 years later

In 13-year-old Jaime Benefit wrote a letter addressed to "Any Soldier" during the Persian Gulf War, A Man's Point Of View, Dating and the Single Woman, expressing her support for the troops as they prepared to invade Iraq, Nearly two decades ago, Uncategorized, women talk on August 6, 2009 at 12:33 pm

Ladies, miracles still happen. Read below..I thought some joy was needed in light of all the violence we see in today’s society.  Kinda makes me still hope a little for Mr. Right..or Mr. Wrong with a change of…

Coyfee signing off…


Gulf War penpals get married after Facebook encounter 19 years later

BY Stephanie Gaskell

Tuesday, August 4th 2009, 12:42 PM

Jaime Benefit and Jeremy Clayton met as pen pals during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. 

They reconnected this year over Facebook and were married July 15 on the beach in Charleston, S.C. They reconnected this year over Facebook and were married July 15 on the beach in Charleston, S.C.


It started with a letter – and ended in a wedding.

Nearly two decades ago, 13-year-old Jaime Benefit wrote a letter addressed to “Any Soldier” during the Persian Gulf War, expressing her support for the troops as they prepared to invade Iraq.

The letter made its way to Pfc. Jeremy Clayton, a 19-year-old soldier from Charleston, S.C., who was serving with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment.

The two became pen pals, writing back and forth about sports, high school and their families.

“Just stuff to keep their minds off of what was going on and keep their spirits up,” said Benefit, 32.

After the war ended, the two stopped writing, but Benefit always wondered what happened to Clayton.

“I’d always kept his letters,” she said. “I had them wrapped in a red-white-and-blue ribbon.”

Earlier this year, she searched his name on Facebook and sent him a short note: “Were you in Desert Storm?”

Clayton, 38, now out of the Army, saw the message and had one reaction: “Shock and awe.”

“I just knew I had to find out what she was doing,” he recalled.

The two agreed to meet in March, and their fate was sealed.

“It took my breath,” Clayton said of seeing his one-time pen pal in the flesh. “I was actually shaking and I’m a pretty strong man. I just said to myself, ‘You have to do whatever you can to make sure you spend the rest of your life with this woman.'”

Clayton proposed not long after, and the two got married July 15 in a simple ceremony on the beach in Charleston.

“It was fate that I got her letter,” he said. “And her finding me 19 years later was fate.”

The Internet may have brought the newlyweds together, but they still rely on good old pen and paper to keep their bond strong.

“She writes me notes every morning and puts them in my lunch,” he said.

ConversationswitCoyfee presents A Man’s Point Of Veiw

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Good Morning folks!
This is Coyfee. I have been busy seeking out interesting topics for our discussions. I think the one below posted by theblackman is a great start. I would love to know how guys feel about the below story. How would you handle it if it were you? Would you still be able to remain in a marriage like the one described below?
We are all aware that the Bible instructs married men and women to only commune with one another. So we know what the christian concept is, however, what has caused this beautiful black successful woman to stray from her vows? What has created this unfillable void in her that has pushed her into this lifestyle? Will her husband be able to remain in their marriage? Many times it is the woman that is the one being cheated on, not this time.
Guys tell our readers your opinions on this topic?
That’s it for now..Coyfee signing off…Much Luv To Ya!!!
Talk to me let me know how you really feel? Talk2Me..We want your comments…


author image

Right here is where you can get an objective view on love, relationships, sex, career and social issues from a Black Man’s perspective. Email your questions to

I Am A Young,Newlywed Wife That Cheats On My Loving Husband. Please Help.

Dear TBM,

I am a newly wed (I have been married about two months) and from the outside it seems like I have it all. I am 22 years old. I just graduated college and getting ready to enter law school. I am beautiful,successful, and just bought a new house. You name it, and I’ve got it; But yet still I am unhappy. I have been to therapy, counseling, etc… I’ve read self help books, and I meditate. There is still a void which leads to my problem. To fill this void, I tend to seek male attention, and then have affairs. I love my husband, but I can not seem to stop sleeping with other men. I know it’s wrong. I know better but I do it anyway. Can you give me some advice on this?


The Blackman:

Hi Candy,

I find this interesting scenario because you always hear about the husband cheating on the wife and now you are hearing about the wife cheating on the husband. I am not trying to point you out but wives cheating on husbands is just as commonplace in marriage and it is not because their husband cheated on them.

My first thought is to know what your relationship is like with your father. Sometimes when a relationship between a father and daughter is not good and the daughter may feel not accepted by her father, they tend to try to fill that void with other men. So getting attention from men and satisfying them is a common way to try and fill that void. It is only temporary so that is why a woman will go from one man to the next.

Another possibility is timing. You are 22 years old. You are young and perhaps you are just not ready to settle down. You may truly love your husband but you may not be ready for marriage. Women can want to sow their wild oats as well. You just not might not be ready for a commitment.

You should really look into the situation with your husband and ask yourself these questions.. Does he give you enough attention? Does he please you sexually? Does he really make you happy? If all of these answers are yes, then I would say then you may not be ready to be in a committed situation. If the answers are no, then that is the reason why you are trying to fill the void because there are elements missing in your relationship. You would need to figure out if you both could really move forward together and you should be upfront with him about your feelings.

The last thing possibility could be that if this is just a sexual thing. If you are fully content with your husband but you just like to have sex with other people at times then you may want to look at the option of an open marriage. Some couples have a great relationship/marriage but they just like to be physical with other individuals at times. Nothing more than that. Both parties really have to be on the same page for that.

Definitely figure out what it is and be honest with yourself about it. If this happening two months into a marriage this is only going to get worse, cause drama, and people will get their feelings hurt in which one of those people could be you.

Good luck with your situation.


ConversationswitCoyfee presents FashionsbyCoyfee

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walking withtrain.bride3FashionsbyCoyfee


Afro-Centric Designs


Anyiam’s Creations


I was searching for interesting designs to share and this is another designer that I ran across. Let me know how you feel about these designs.  Here’s an exert from Anyiam’s web page. Please read below:

Anyiams Creations is a fashion design and production company. It was founded by Nigerian born Designer Thony Chukwuemezie Anyiam in 1991.  We specialize in designer traditional African and Afrocentric bridal and formal fashions for both male and female. Designer Thony Anyiam merges African, Western, American, and Asian influences in creating unique, classic, sophistication and modern looks. He is considered Africa’s premier fashion designer, and most influential, and creative designer of our time.  

In the coming years, Anyiams will be expanding into other areas such as home furnishings, fragrance, licensing and franchising.  We welcome financial backers, sponsors and investors. check out new line of men and women Silk neckties and Scarves of different nations. The African and Afrocentric market still remains vastly untapped. Interested in investing? please contact our home office via e-mail for information.

You will find similar (copied) wedding attire (bride and groom) advertise on the web for less, think first before you make that final commitment. There must be a reason why it is that cheap. Your wedding day is a very special day for both of you, one that you will cherish for a long time. Do not cheapen it, and live to regret it.

Below are some of his bridal fashions..For a more detailed catalog visit his website..


bride.6         male2       male3



Take a look at the crowns and head dresses..

 hat1     hat2          hat4    hat5

      hat6    hat9 hat18


hat7     hat17





 Take a look at his swimwear designs!!!swimwear1swimwear5


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   His swimwear designs are quite unique.


swimwear 2


Let us know what you think of this designer…Talk2Me..Please leave comments..

Here is his web address for more information…

ConversationswitCoyfee presents FashionsbyCoyfee

In Fashions African, women talk on July 6, 2009 at 10:56 am


The important people at The Oracle were tossing around the idea of adding a fashion segment to our already amazing publication. The decision was finally made and we decided to do I began brainstorming ideas about fashions. I pondered what fashions to feature first. Could I do a fashion segment on weddings? Of course, Weddings it would be..Which designer would I feature first? Well, I really wasn’t sure where to start but based on my love of Soulful and Afrocentric designs, a search began..Doing a search for Afrocentric designers took me on an exciting experience of romance and culture, a site that displays fun bright reflections of culture.

Please allow me to introduce you to Cassandra Bromfield. A designer that is as at home as apple pie and as warm as hot chocolate. I was completely at awe when we spoke she shared her thoughts on marriage. She spoke of her desire for the bride to host a cultural event not just another wedding.


Who is Cassandra Bromfield? She is only one of the most amazing designers of formal and wedding gowns. It would be robbery not to also include that many of designs are considered Afrocentric and multi-cultural. She is one hot designer. take a look a design which dates back to 1994. This design though not a current work but definitely a favorite of mine. The style is timeless and would add a sense of elegance to any event not only a wedding.

Cassandra Bromfield’s creative, traditional and African American Inspired Designs Have graced the pages of some of the top bridal and fashion magazines including The New York Times Fashion Sunday, Bride’s, Essence, and Black Elegance magazine. It is important to mention that she does formal wear with the same flare of elegance. Take a look at the gown she designed for Ruby Dee. One of the most amazing African American women on the big screen..


This creation was designed for the one and only Ruby Dee. In the words of Cassandra ..”Her gown of 4ply silk with an embroidered lace and with bronze colored pearls, mother of pearl leaf beads and amber quartz beads embellish her bias cut gown”. What an honor to design the gown to be worn by The Ruby Dee…An American Hero..


Cassandra stated in a jokingly manner that she began designing dresses for her Barbie Dolls on an old singer sewing machine that her mother had given her. She developed a loving creation of Unique Bridal Gowns, African American inspired wedding dresses and special event couture. Her dresses evolved into a melange of European and Afrocentric bridal gown elegance.


Bromfield’s wedding dresses feature both ethnic and custom bridal quality and detail. Much of her work includes patchwork and cowry shells. Her works of design art reflect a deep understanding of International fashion imbued with her cultural heritage.


She encourages her brides to add special touches to the special custom bridal or bridal gown. For instance, fabric from a mother’s wedding dress, buttons from a loved ones garment, antique handkerchiefs, or old coins can help give your dress more profound meaning.


Bromfield’s wedding dress and bridal designs range from African American wedding dress designs… like patchwork detail couture, an elegant silk taffeta halter dress topped with a satin faced organza duster with delicate French cuffs, to a sophisticated matte-jersey creation that gracefully drapes the body. Her dresses offer an option for those who want bridal gowns steeped in culture and want an option for the tradition al European or African wedding dress. Below are somebeatuiful examples..


The design below has a personality of it’s own. Imagine if you will a beautiful summer day where you and your life partner are about to embark on a life full of love and romance. There is nothing more beautiful than a wedding ceremony by the sea. This Chantilly Lacetop of silk organza is hand tye dyed and enchanting. Whether you are doing an ethnic – afrocentric or contemporary wedding theme this couture dress is appropriate.


Cassandra draws inspiration from museums collections, books, memorabilia, and family. A recent design theme of hers is soul food. Bromfield reflects “Just as soul food is a mixture of things that our people considered valuable, these designs are a assortment of fabrics, textures, and patterns with hand painting, hand beading, glass, antique beads, and pieces of lace”.


The below gown exudes sumptuous elegance on a wedding day, with this exquisite cocoa satin faced organza bridal gown. Daring and breathtaking, this gown will make a fashion statement both coming and going in your wedding party. Your groom will be anxious to start the honeymoon. Check this one out!



Did you like Cassandra’s designs? Want to create a special day unlike any other..visit her website @ We hope you enjoyed The Oracle’s first Fashion Segment. Please tell us what you think.
Check out Coverstions wit Coyfee’s Fashion segment known to you as ‘FashionsbyCoyfee’